San Diego Food Blogger Bake Sale

Last year, I had the opportunity to spend the day with some amazing bakers, bloggers, and baking bloggers.  Some I knew, some I knew of, and many I was meeting for the first time at the first Food Blogger Bake Sale in San Diego.

Not only is it a fun event to meet the bakers and bloggers you read about, it’s an amazing fundraiser that connects bloggers across the country.  All proceeds from the bake sales go to Share Our Strength, an organization striving to end childhood hunger.  I’m excited to be a part of this year’s bake sale, being held on Saturday, April 28, 2012 at Great News! in Pacific Beach.

Once again, our San Diego contingent is being led by Marie of Meandering Eats.  As busy as she is, she still manages to keep us updated, organized, and ready to rally for a good cause!  We’ve got over 40 bloggers, a new webpage for the event, and even online auctions.

While we hope to see you all at the Bake Sale later this month, we appreciate any support you can give, whether it’s bidding on an online auction or just donating to our team directly.  As I mentioned before, every penny we raise goes straight to Share Our Strength – all our time and baked goods are generously donated by the bakers and bloggers involved.

While I am not quite organized this year to put together an online auction, there are some amazing bloggers participating.  And I think you’d be happy with any treat you’re lucky enough to win.  However, I will be baking treats to physically bring to the bake sale.  This year, I’ve been baking a lot from Baked Explorations, so I’m guessing my bake sale treat will be something from that book.

Those are grasshopper bars that I made recently.  They had a fudgy brownie base, a lightly minted buttercream, and then a thin coating of chocolate ganache.  I’ve also made cookies, pies, cakes, and other bars from the book, all equally delicious and mouth-watering.  While I’m not sure the grasshopper bars will hold up well on a table, I’m pretty sure brownies will.  Perhaps topped with cocoa bacon?  I guess you’ll just have to stop by to see what treats await you!

Remember, Bake Sale goodies have no calories! It’s like a reward for your altruistic tendencies!


One response to “San Diego Food Blogger Bake Sale

  1. Hello,
    It was a pleasure meeting you today. I bought your sweet and salty caramel brownie. It was really moist and so good:))

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