this is Sadie

this is Sadie

Sadie’s the real baby of the bunch, but she’s also the biggest dog we have! She’s our 4-year old Siberian Husky, and if she has a dumb puppy look on her face, well, it’s because she’s not all that bright.

Huskies are usually known as intelligent dogs, sharp and focused and sometimes tempermental.  I can say Sadie isn’t really any of those things, but she’s never snapped at anyone or any dog and she just a complete pushover.  She’s a sweet dog who’s taken over part of the couch but scampers off if you so much as poke her butt.

Sadie entered the dog pack under unusual circumstances.  She’s a result of a relationship that was doomed from the beginning.  I’d say I got the better deal in having Sadie stick around.  I never would have expected to have such a large dog, certainly not a Husky, but now I can’t imagine our home without her.  She’s an equal opportunity dog, not choosing favorites between me or Travis.  She loves all people and dogs and is especially fond of puppies.  She’ll let a puppy crawl all over her, chew her ears, and she just lies there and takes it.

Her coat needs constant brushing and if we don’t stay on top of it (to a point), she gets little fur tufts that stick out.  If you tug on it, you can pluck it off like a tuft of cotton.  I can say that lately we’ve been better about keeping her brushed, so at least she doesn’t look all ragged and unkempt.



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