this is Cassie

Cassie is my baby. She’s a year younger than Lexi (which makes her 6 now) and I got her because she was so full of sass as a puppy (and she was so cute!). She still has some puppy roundess to her, even after all these years. Cassie’s the spoiled one, no doubt about it. She’s the one who can do no wrong, even when it’s perfectly clear that she’s been getting into trouble.

She’s another miniature American Eskimo and, while most people think she and Lexi look alike at first, they are like completely different dogs.  Cassie’s coat is fuller and fluffy and her features are more rounded (Lexi is more pointed).  Their personalities are different, too.  Cassie, while the middle dog in the household, is at the bottom of the pack.  She’s completely submissive and completely sweet.  There’s not a mean bone in her body, unless Lexi is picking on her for something.  Then she’ll snap back.

If Lexi is Travis’ dog, Cassie is mine.  I’m her first choice and she’ll take me over anyone.  She’s the first to welcome me when I get home (even though Lexi’s the one who sits by the door if I’m gone) and she rarely leaves my side.

If Cassie’s across the room and you look at her, her tail wags.  If you call her name, her tail wags.  Her tail is always wagging, and if she’s really happy, you can see her smile.  She’s the happiest dog I know.

Cassie’s fur doesn’t shed like Lexi’s, but it gets really matted if we don’t brush her often.  One year we shaved her before summer, to cut down on the heat and try and get the mats under control.  She looked really cute, but it took a full two years for her coat to grow in properly again.

shaved puppy

shaved puppy



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