Hello, 2017! [not food]


I’m a little late for a Happy New Year post, so maybe this is a “Happy Valentine’s Day: the year of me” kind of deal. But, if I had written this earlier, I wouldn’t be able to show you this fancy (and heavy!) medal that I got for subjecting myself to cold water, mud, barbed wire, lots of running (okay… quick jogging), and bunches and bunches of obstacles to climb, swing, and roll through.

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What they don’t tell food bloggers before getting their tonsils out – Part 3

So, it’s been about a month since my tonsils and I parted ways. Days 9 through 14 were pretty much the same – the (really, really gross) scabs started “healing” around Day 10/11 and it was all I could do to just keep swallowing so I would never, ever, ever know what they looked or felt like. It took about a week for my tongue to stop being so sore. Do you know how often your tongue clears food away from corners of your mouth? Well, now I do and it’s pretty often.

I managed to treat my throat and scabs very gently, my doctor having put the fear of bleeding into me. Basically, if you start to bleed and it doesn’t stop, they have to cauterize it and your recovery starts all over. No one wants to do that. If I was eating something I thought was soft enough and felt it pulling on a scab as I swallowed, I pretty much stopped eating and went back to drinking my meals. Maybe I was paranoid, but I really wasn’t willing to risk it. Continue reading

What they don’t tell food bloggers before getting their tonsils out – Part 2

Okay, so I totally thought that because it was just a 30 minute procedure, the prep would be simple. I knew there would be anesthesia, and I knew not to eat or drink anything after midnight. I was told to wear comfy clothes, but I didn’t realize they make you change out of those comfy clothes to wear a gown and hair net until you’re done. They do give you these super comfy non-slip socks (which I totally wore for days after I got home) and keep coming by with warmed blankets so you don’t get cold. You also get an IV in your arm, which is super fun when you realize that the red puddle dripping down the chair is not some sort of flushing liquid but is, in fact, your blood that somehow got all over the place. At least they let T sit with me once I was prepped until they were ready for me.

Pro tip: if you wear contacts, take them out because they end up taping your eyelids shut while you’re under and the nurse will make you take them out. I don’t know why I didn’t just wear my glasses… I’m glad I was sensible enough not to put makeup on at 5 am because I think they would have made me wash my face.

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What they don’t tell food bloggers before getting their tonsils out – Part 1

There are a lot of helpful posts on the Internet from people (adults) who have gotten their tonsils out, to give you an idea of what recovery is like and reassure you that you are not, in fact, a giant wuss who can’t handle a little pain. While these posts were useful in giving me a range of what I might or might not expect, the whole “what can you eat/not eat” has been way off. And so, because this is exactly why people have blogs, I’m going to tell you how this whole tonsillectomy recovery thing is going for me. Continue reading

SDRW 2016 – Florent


Hey – it’s San Diego Restaurant Week again! SDRW 2016 starts Sunday, September 25 and goes through October 2, 2016, so you get one and a half weekends to travel anywhere in the county to eat a fancy meal for a great deal.

I was invited to preview a meal at Florent, which is a spot downtown in the Gaslamp that I had honestly never ever heard about. But, it looked like a pretty cool spot with an interesting menu, and it was a couple of nights before I was scheduled to get my tonsils out, so I figured a tasty meal out on the town was in order. And, I’m really really glad we went (and really really sad I didn’t get to enjoy the leftovers we brought home).

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