this is Lexi

this is Lexi

Lexi is my 7-year old mini American Eskimo. She’s also a big pain in the butt. She’ll take your food the moment you look away (or even think of looking away), look guilty, then try and snuggle up to you to lick your nose. She’s a master at looking sad and unloved when we have company over and while you can get mad at her, you can’t stay mad at her.

She’s the alpha dog in her little pack, but if she starts getting too uppity, Sadie’s the one to (literally) put her paw down to stop the madness.  Lexi doesn’t like weakness and has been known to go after my mom’s little dogs (but only if my mom’s around, with us she’s fine) but she’s generally a good dog.

She’s a smart dog – too smart.  She’s one of those dogs people say get into trouble because they get bored easily.  She’ll shred anything made out of paper, but she doesn’t go after furniture (Sadie) or shoes (Cassie).  She doesn’t like our neighbors (not that I blame her), but she’ll lead the dogs in a barking frenzy, only to stay inside whie the others rush out to cause a ruckus.  She’s crafty, this Lexi.  She knows her commands well, as limited as they are, probably because she was my first dog.  I had a lot of one-on-one time to teach her all of that.

She’s a nose licker and loves to slowly creep her way into your lap and up to your face.  On quiet nights, she’s the one snuggled next to my side on the couch.  She’s moody and weird, but most of the time she’s a sweetheart.

As an Eskie, she had a coat that sheds like crazy.  Luckily, her fur doesn’t mat like Cassie’s but it does require a lot of brushing, which Lexi isn’t too fond of.  I’m sure Cesar the Dog Whisperer could teach us how to handle her grooming without the muzzle, but it works really well for us and makes life easy, so we go with it.  And she doesn’t seem to mind once it’s off and a cookie is offered.

She’s also in love with Travis.  She’s my dog, but she loves him the most.  Probably because he spoils her.  He spoils all of us.



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