Our Pets

three dogs

three dogs

We have quite a full house of animals.  It’s mainly my fault.  Travis didn’t add any fur or feathers to the house when he moved in, but he did inherite a lot of lint rollers.  We have three dogs and a cat.  It sounds like a lot, but after living with them for so many years, you kind of get used to it.

three dogs in a kitchen... get it?

three dogs in a kitchen... get it?

Lexi and Cassie are miniature American Eskimos.  Sadie is a red Siberian Husky.  Clair is our cat; she’s a Chocolate Ragdoll.

Recently, we added two chickens to our menagerie.  I don’t know why Travis let me do it, but it must be because he loves me.  I built their coop, but he spent a lot of time making their run dog-proof.


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