No more iced oatmeal cookies

I’m sure you’ve heard by now: Mother’s Cookies is going out of business.  It’s sad.  It’s been years since I’ve actually eaten Circus animal cookies, but I was always looking for an excuse to buy those iced oatmeal cookies.  Even the mini ones.  Did you know if you microwave the large oatmeal cookies for a tiny bit, they get slightly warm and a little chewy?  Alas.  They are to be no more.  I think it’s a loss to the cookie history.  Imagine if you walked into a grocery store and found no more Keebler Elves on the shelves!  Even though it’s rare I buy packaged cookies, and most of the ones I do come from Trader Joe’s, I’m still going to miss Mother’s Cookies.  I mean, come on!  Who didn’t have a favorite Mother’s Cookie, uh, cookie growing up?  It’s kind of iconic, like dunking Oreos and whether or not you twist-and-split first or dunk the whole thing (I dunk the whole thing).

I could wax poetic and tell you that those cookies shaped my childhood and having them disappear is like ripping a piece of my very self out and tossing it to the wind.  I could tell you about Oh! The Pain and Sorrow that my soul is experiencing and how the world will always look a little different with his loss.  But that’s really not my style.  Also, I think I would be lying about how this really affects me (not all that much).

To commemorate the event, I bought a t-shirt with the little circus animals on it.  It’s a little sad, but also a little cute.  The shirt came with a small package of cookies.  I’m torn between eating them and saving them for a special occasion.  It’s time to go dig up some cookie recipes and see if they’re just as good dipped in chocolate and sprinkles.  Or maybe I’ll just go back to the “best chocolate chip cookies in the world”.  Oh, wait.  I don’t think I ever posted about those.  Wow.  I’m totally behind.  Anyway, I’m talking about these cookie morsels of heaven.

While we’re on the subject of stores going out of business (kind of): Linens ‘n Things is also going out of business.  That makes me a little sad, too, even though we didn’t go shopping there too often.  But, it’s one of the closest bed/bath/kitchen stores around (I mean, aside from Target and such).  Bed, Bath, & Beyond is all the way in Mira Mesa.  So, I guess if you have one near you, go check it out and see if they’ve started clearing stuff out at awesome marked down prices.  And then come and tell me so I don’t have to drive over there.


One response to “No more iced oatmeal cookies

  1. Wow, I hadn’t heard about Mother’s cookies going under. I must live under a rock or something. Luke is going to be so sad, although as long as there are still Double Stuff Oreos out there I’m sure he’ll survive. 😉 I did know about Linens and Things though; saw their big clearance sign last weekend. There’s a Bed, Bath and Beyond less than 5 minutes from us in 4S Ranch, so that might be closer to you than Mira Mesa, but then you might be halfway between the two. If I go in and see awesome stuff on clearance I’ll let you know.

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