Reynolds Handi-Vac giveaway!

This is very cool and I am so exicted to have something to giveaway to one of you.  For free!  A very nice PR lady for Reynolds contacted me after I wrote about the Reynolds Handi-Vac and she has generously agreed to a giveaway contest.  So, in the tradition of giveaway contests on the internet I will use a Random Number Generator to pick the winner.  To enter, leave a comment on this post telling me what you would seal with your Handi-Vac and make sure you enter a valid e-mail address so I can contact you for a mailing address (the Handi-Vac will be shipped directly to you so I don’t have to repackage and mail it out!).  I will leave the contest open until 11:59pm December 3rd, 2007.

In case you’re curious, we’ve been sealing things up left and right and I’m having so much fun with it.  The brussel sprouts I sealed up (in a washed and dried, reused gallon bag) are still looking mighty fine and green and I’ll probably cook them up this week – either roasted or in this pasta dish I just read about.  I’ve got flap steak and filets in separate bags in the freezer and my green onions are still fresh and happy (I know, you’d think we could go through a bunch of green onions faster).  I sealed up that apple cake and it didn’t get too squished and I didn’t have to worry about it drying out or spoiling too quickly.  I think I’m going to start experimenting with lettuce, as that’s something we really don’t go through but we always get it in our CSA box.  We still use the reuseable Gladware/Ziploc containers, but that’s usually for leftovers we’re going to eat within a few days.

So, to recap, leave a comment below before December 3rd to win a free Handi-Vac.  If you don’t win, be sure to go out and buy one (c’mon, they’re under $10!) because I’m sure you’ll find a use for it and I think you’ll also have fun watching the air get sucked out of the bag.


11 responses to “Reynolds Handi-Vac giveaway!

  1. Hi! I have posted once or twice before becuase I love your blog. I have read it since this past summer. I live in your area so I love your posts about all things local!

    I have been very curious about your love of the Handi-Vac. My elderly father lives with me so I make tons of food on the weekends that is frozen in zip lock bags (indivdual servings) so he can easily reheat his meals while I am at work. I would love to have another method that did not involve the hard plastic cups. Thank you for considering my entry. Barbara

  2. I shoudl explain the “hard plastic cups” comment. I freeze things in large Dixie type plastic cups and then once frozen, pop them out and put in sandwich bags and then into large ziplocks. The cup shape fits nicely into a small pan for stove top or in a soup mug for reheating. It would be nice to have only one step instead of three. That said, I may just have to buy one and see, but wining is nice too!

  3. I would like to buy large quantities of meat at Costco, and not have to use a bunch of plastic wrap and baggies to freeze them individually. And I hate when my green onions go all limp. Meat and onions. And whatever else I could think of.

  4. Neat! I have a huge stack of homemade baby food cubes in the freezer for my son. It would be great to have a bag that I can open, and then resesal each time I bring out a few cubes.

    But knowing me, I’d go crazy and seal everything in my freezer.

  5. Lolly lolly lolly, get your adverbs here. My first comment ever. Not really. But here it goes: how about sealing up the cheese? OR just meats and fishes in the freezer?

  6. I loved reading about your ‘life’ with the Handi-Vac.
    I would seal probably everything like you do but am really interested in sealing home-made bread slices so I can take them out of the freezer as I want to eat them. I also want to buy meat in the huge packages and freeze them in quantities of 3 pieces. The fresh vegetable and cheese ideas are great too.
    Susie in northern NY

  7. I love your site! I started reading when I was looking around for opinions on joining the BeWise CSA. I’m planning a trip this Christmas, so I’m sure I’d use it to pack food without having to worry about it spilling in my luggage. Thanks!

  8. I would seal fresh fruits (esp. avocados and bananas), vegetables, and of course, meats. Heck, I would seal whatever food there is around the house to see how long they last. I would do a “comparison test” to see how they compare to just wrapping in plastic wrap/foil…. If I don’t win, I will just buy one….so cheap at Walmart!

  9. Who won? Who won? Who won???? LOL! :o)

  10. I had been considering something like this for scouts. I saw someone use one of these to make the first aid kits for hiking and camping. I thought it was a pretty neat idea! I am the scoutmaster for a Boy Scout troop and I am always looking for things to help our troop out.

    Also, I noticed you are a buzz agent! I got one of those VERY cool toothbrushes too. I love mine. I also have some coupons to share!

  11. I really like the idea of the Handi-Vac, but am having a problem with the bags. Mine seen to leak and I have followed all the instructions.
    Please Help.

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