leftovers are the best part

Whew!  I hope everyone had the nicest Thanksgiving, full of friends and family and lots of food.  We had a gruesome drive back to San Diego, plodding through 3 accidents along I-15 and then passing one that must have just occurred (T. called 911 to make sure help was on the way, since we had already passed it and they did know about it).  It sounds counterintuitive, but if people would just drive slower we’d all get home faster.  I don’t even know how many cars we watched zooming up to the car in front, braking, passing, more zooming, more passing – just to get ahead, one car at a time.  It was ridiculous.

Now I’m trying to get through work deadlines, but being horribly distracted by all the Christmas shopping that still needs to get done.  I have lists made up, full of ideas that have come to me throughout the year, but I haven’t ordered anything or step foot in a store (aside for regular Target shopping).  There are small items from Williams Sonoma and Crate & Barrel that I think would be cool, but the idea of having to go to a mall scares me enough to almost justify paying shipping charges.  Maybe I’ll keep an eye on the websites and see if they offer free shipping (okay, through the 20th, C&B offers free shipping on orders over $100; nothing at WS yet).

Do you ever feel like you’re starting to run out of things to get people for Christmas (yes, it’s Christmas, not the “holiday season”)?  I mean, I’m starting to understand why people just end up shopping for friends’ kids (except none of my friends have kids yet) or dogs (that one I can do) or everyone just gets together for a fun White Elephant exchange.  What am I supposed to buy you people??  You have everything!  I have everything!  Okay, I don’t have everything – I could use a robot maid and dog walker, the new fancy washers and dryers are pretty cool, and so far no one’s offered to financially support me so I can just lounge around all day.

I guess that’s what makes presents so awesome.  You find out there’s something you don’t have, didn’t know you wanted or needed, but now that you have received one as a gift you’re pretty excited.  Like long underwear.  Sure, who thinks of long underwear as an appropriate gift?  But I wear it every time we go out to the snow and I think how nice it is that someone cared enough to keep my poor self from freezing to buy me long underwear, something I probably would have passed on and then regretted.

Happy shopping everyone!


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