Two things

Happy Black Friday!  I hope not too many of you got up at 4 am to stand in line, in the dark, to fight over a ridiculously discounted item.  Perhaps some of you decided to go the online route.  Perhaps other are thinking, like me, that you have other things to do instead of sweating over getting the absolute Greatest Deal Ever.  I was contemplating the Sears sale for a front-loading washer and dryer for only $999, but I guess our existing set works just fine. 

Anyway, I noticed someone googled “Reynolds Handi Vac doesn’t work” and got here and I’m not sure why.  Because I am a huge advocate of the Handi-Vac and think it works wonderfully!  I’ve now seen the sealer and bags at both Target and Wal-Mart (very similar in price, too, and cheaper than the grocery store).  Our green onions are still green – no hint of brown or anything else yucky!  The pita bread has been opened and resealed numerous times and it’s still “fresh” and the seal is still holding up extremely well.  T complains that the pita bread got smushed, but I’m not really sure how fluffy it was to begin with.

Now, it is tricky to get the wand nozzle situated correctly for optimal vacuuming.  Press too hard and the air flow is restricted; press too lightly and you don’t get a good seal.  But, you should be able to get it right after practicing only a few times.  I have noticed that when I sealed up the raw filets and flap steak, if meat juice came near the sealing spot, I had to open the bag, wipe dry that area and try again.  This is most likely why Reynolds doesn’t advocate sealing liquidy items.  But other than that, we haven’t had any problems and I’m loving this little item.  I have no desire to spend hundreds of dollars on a Food Saver now.

Interestingly enough, an ad from Bed Bath & Beyond came in the mail the other day and they advertised a wand vacuum sealer similar to the Reynolds Handi-Vac but theirs was $30!  And 5 quart bags cost $4!  For just under $3, you can buy a box of 15 Reynolds quart bags for the Handi-Vac.

There was also a google search for “how much a mini american eskimo sheds”.  Well, they shed a lot.  And it’s white fur, so it shows up on a lot of clothes, including jeans.  I have to say, though, I think Lexi sheds much more than Cassie.  You could brush them every day, but they’d still shed.  If I brush Lexi, I come away with a pile of fur.  Now, Sadie the Husky is the real shedder.  You look at her funny and her fur flies off!  I should be better about brushing them, but I’m just not.

If you already have an Eskie, it’s probably not going to be noticeable to add a second one.  And my argument still stands that if you have two dogs, a third really isn’t that much more work.  Except for the yard picking-up part.  But, if you have no dogs, you will definitely notice the fur in your house after getting just one.


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