I love getting mail




Look what showed up on my doorstep! I’ve heard a lot of people saying amazing things about Plate to Pixel, so when Lori held a giveaway for a copy, I entered and crossed every finger (and then I won!)  Can you tell from the photo that I totally need the help?

I flipped through it on my way from the front door to the kitchen and I swear I learned a bunch just from those few pages!  I can’t wait to really get into it and figure out how to make food look pretty.

Changing subjects, how cute are our cherry tomatoes?  I’m amused that they ripen here and there; sometimes I just snack on them straight from the vine and don’t have any to bring in.  Every year I make a note that I need to plant more cherry tomatoes, but I think I also need more room in the garden to do so efficiently.

Heh. Do you think I can convince Travis to help me cut and paint board “backdrops” after we finish the chicken coop?

Thanks for the giveaway, Lori!



2 responses to “I love getting mail

  1. We had a cherry tomato bush last summer that produced so many tomatoes that I gave away as many as I could. That little plant grew so big and crazy! I like the placement of the little tomatoes next to the big ones in your photo!

    • Hee hee… you should have seen me getting all artsy and gently tossing the tomatoes onto the counter so they wouldn’t look all “posed”. I’m guessing there’s a good section on actual food styling in the book. =)

      You should can your extra tomatoes! Or roast the cherry tomatoes – so good with garlic and olive oil over bread. Or dry them out and freeze them for later.

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