Need more weekends

Somehow, it became August right under my nose.  It happens all the time; months fly by so quickly more often than now.  So why does it always surprise me when I realize we’re in a new month already?  Right now, I’m looking at a month of weekends already scheduled.  A month of weekends full and busy and lacking free time.  Don’t get me wrong, they’re full of fun plans and it’ll be exciting and enjoyable.  But weekends at home, without definite plans, make me pretty happy at the moment.

T went deep sea fishing on Saturday and came home with dorado and albacore.  Not as much fish as last year, but enough that we’ll be happy to see the end of it (when that finally comes).  Last weekend he had to work on Saturday, and since my weekends feel more like weekends when he’s around, it’s kind of like I’ve had half-weekends recently.  We still get a lot accomplished, though.  A late morning motorcycle ride and we also put together the patio dining set and gazebo and assembled the new grill.  Then we grilled lamb chops, corn, and potatoes on it, along with a quasi-apple crisp (it was a complete meal cooked on a grill!) and ate it in the new gazebo.

I have to say, I’m loving our new backyard.  Saturday morning, I ate breakfast on the patio and was so happy.  Then I made T join me for Sunday breakfast on the patio.  At dinner, when the inside of the house was still warm and stuffy, a light breeze through the gazebo made our meal cool and enjoyable.  It’s just all come together so nicely… and the grass isn’t even in yet!  We’ve made an informal pact to spend the rest of summer in the backyard as much as possible.  There are still plans to get some patio lights, a deck box, and some solar lawn lights, but it’ll get there little by little.

So, every weekend we’re home, we get our home a little closer to the way we want it.  Which is why I like weekends at home, despite the fun we have when we’re away.


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