quiet times

Actually, I was going to say that it’s been quiet around here (here = “blog”) because nothing much has been happening.  But, when I think about it, that’s not quite true.  We’ve actually been up to a lot of things; I’m just lazy and haven’t felt like spending an hour or so in front of the computer to tell you about it.

First, there’s some silly post on Chow about whether regulars at restaurants should get special treatment (I’m sure there’s also speculation on whether Chow is just making up these submitted “questions”).  One of the responses counters that they shop at Walgreens “regularly” and have yet to receive free gifts or special treatment.  That’s a pretty good way to look at it, I suppose.  Just because you go somewhere often (I mean, I shop at Vons at least once a week) doesn’t mean you’re entitled to free offerings.  I suppose some people enjoy being recognized where they dine, but I’d be happy if I always had consistent service and food.

We just spent a whirlwind weekend in Colorado to visit T’s friends.  I like his Colorado friends.  I told him that if we ever had to live somewhere else, we could live there because he has lots of friends there and I actually like them (as opposed to the one somewhere else I do not like… ahem).  Besides being social, we also toured Coors (now owned by Moulson but in a US joint venture with Miller), went to the Rocky Mountain National Park, ate yummy expensive food at The Fort, and relished the glory that is Casa Bonita.  We’ll be back in October for the Great American Beer Festival and then again next year, I suppose, to meet the new babies that will have arrived.  Whew!

There is a cooler holding 5 gallons of vanilla porter we made.  I didn’t like it earlier, but I feel like I’ve bonded a bit with it now.  I’ve been checking on it, noting the temperature, changing ice packs, watching tiny bubbles, and measuring the specific gravity.  I suppose you could say the beer’s matured, too, turning into a more likeable end product.  So, it’s grown on me and I like it now.  I think it’ll be fabulous once bottled, carbonated, and properly chilled.

The backyard is transforming before our eyes.  The patio is done, mulch is spread, the sod area has been rototilled and now we just wait to see if weeds appear.  If not, the sod goes down and we’re done!  Voila!  (Note to internet: that is a French phrase meaning “look there!” and is not spelled “Wolla” or any other odd way.)  I am very much looking forward to lounging in our new backyard.

Gopher = still there.  See also: pain in my rear, hard to kill, and better-not-eat-my-lawn.  Hearts is who we hired to gas the little sucker and I swear all they do is tick him off.  We call, they “gas” (I’ve never actually witnessed this activity), and two days later I find more holes.  More holes than before, in fact.  We call again, they “gas” (for free!, under the guarantee.  Amusingly, the invoice for the follow up reads FU Gopher, which is how I feel), more holes appear.  We’ve now given up calling Hearts for help.  Now I just shake my fist and curse them under my breath.  Okay, I curse them loudly while standing in the backyard.

My mom would be happy to know that T does not allow me to ride my motorcycle anywhere he does not deem a fit environment for my unskilled self.  I am allowed to putter around to my heart’s content in empty, wide parking lots but had not been granted access to empty streets or quiet neighborhoods.  I am quickly learning that he actually knows a thing or two and should be listened to on such matters.  The other night we went for a quick ride around the neighborhood and I was allowed to ride my own bike (I know! I was as surprised as you are!) and let me tell you.  It is very different from riding laps in empty parking lots.  There are things to look out for!  People walking around!  Cars parked on the streets!  Potholes!  Stop signs and intersections!  It was a little scary, although, also a tiny bit thrilling and satisfactory.  So, lesson learned: T is right when he says you are not ready for anything beyond the parking lot so stop pouting.  Bonus: he’s also the first one to be excited for you when you manage to ride outside the parking lot and 1) not fall and 2) not hit anyone or anything.  I think I’m not ready to graduate to riding on empty industrial streets.  Actual streets with actual traffic is probably very, very far away.

Umm.  I think that’s it. 


One response to “quiet times

  1. I do quite like being acknowledged as a regular at a restaurant, I dont expect extra things but its nice when they recognize us and ask how we are and remember our names. We particularly like Khyber Pass, Kous Kous and the better half for this reason, and it makes us laugh that when we went to la vache (like every other week) they obviously recognised us but refused to admit they did!

    As for gophers, they are little bastards. We got some ‘gopher plants’ which are a kind of euphorbia but they just seem to be biannual so I hope they laid down some seeds. I cant say I’ve really seen a difference but we’re hoping to give up with the lawn and get artificial instead!

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