Febreze Flameless Luminary

Live! From the Dog Room!

Live! From the Dog Room!

The Febreze Flameless Luminary is part of Febreze’s new Home Collection.  I think the new trend is to actually make fragrance diffusers look good, instead of making us believe that some white plug-in just blends into your home decor.  It also jumps on the trend of flameless candles – all the flickering of a candle without the threat of accidental fire.  Yay!

I was going to start by saying I like the Febreze “candle” better than the Glade Wisp, and then I realized that I never told you about the Glad Wisp.  Probably because I couldn’t find a way to tell you that I liked it but didn’t really feel it was worthwhile.  Don’t even get me started on the Sense & Spray – that thing annoys me every time we open the front door.

This was another fun product box, although there was no challenge.  Just the luminary in Green Tea Citrus and some glass coasters.  At first, I thought the coasters were a type of fragrance diffuser, like maybe you slipped a fragrance disk on the bottom or something (wouldn’t that be cool?), but they were just glass coasters.  Pretty, but they didn’t make the room smell better.

I love candles, but I’m notoriously forgetting about them once I light them.  Also, the only room we’re in constantly is the one room you don’t want an open flame perched on a table or cabinet.  All it takes is one clumsy big dog to run into it and you’ve got hot wax and fire to deal with.  Not good.  The dog room also smells.  Not always, but if it’s muggy and warm and the windows have been closed up, it kind of takes on that doggy smell.  We’ve gotten used to it, and we vacuum a lot, but… I mean, it’s called the dog room for a reason.  Naturally, that’s where I stuck the Febreze Luminary.

It comes with these frangranced sleeves that you slide onto the top of the “candle” base.  The “candle” is a plastic pyramid that lights up when the paper sleeve is inserted (and you flip the on switch on the bottom).  It really does flicker nicely and I like that you can turn it on or off with the switch.  As all continuous air fresheners do, the Febreze sleeve is strong at first and then dissipates (our first one lasted 3 weeks) until you’re left with a paper sleeve and flickering candle.  I didn’t really find the fragrance too strong – after a while I would catch a whiff of it and forget where it came from.

I think the biggest selling point, though, is that the luminary doesn’t look like an air freshener.  There are a few different colors coordinated to the scents, but it’s completely different from the ubiquitous glass container that holds oil or a fake candle thing that blows wisps of fragrance at you.  It really blends in (or it does in our room) and I’d guess that if you had people over it would take them a while to figure out where the fragrance is coming from.


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