Fleming’s Steakhouse and 3-day weekends

I sure hope you all had as fun a weekend as we did.  Three days of no plans, no commitments, and nothing on the to-do list.  Luckily for us, our friends had the same kind of weekend, so we probably saw more of them in these three days that we usually do!  Actually, we kicked it off with our Thursday Night Movie – Deathrace 2000!  Then it was some backyard grilling, parking lot fireworks (watching the professional show AND the amateur one!), a long (hot) ride to Barona Casino and back, dinner at Sand Crab Cafe (we’re now avoiding oyster shooters), and Sunday prime rib at Fleming’s.

I feel very fortunate that my best friend lives so close by and we’re able to have impromptu fun with them.  I suppose I’m also lucky that we all get along and enjoy simple things, like a quick pint at Patrick’s or watching silly movies.  Hopefully, when they start having kids we’ll still get to do that with them.  Even if silly movies turn to watching cartoons.  That would be okay.

We’ve also brewed up a Vanilla Porter (fun, but by no means fascinating or thrilling as I see it) and T finally finished building shelves to hold the homebrew equipment.  The dogs enjoyed a pretty lazy weekend and the gopher seems to have come back with a vengeance.  I swear, that gopher gasser is not doing his job properly.  the gopher is now laughing at us, poking up new holes every day!  Confidential to the gopher: Please leave my tomato plants alone.  You can have any other plant in the garden, even the other eggplant, just please leave me my tomatoes!

When T and I first started dating, the first time we went out with my friends was to Fleming’s for their Sunday Prime Rib dinner.  That was over three years ago!  Thankfully, even though the price has gone up, the food is still very good and it’s an amazing deal.  For $33 (or is it $33.95?) you get your pick of a salad, 12-oz prime rib, a full-sized side dish, and dessert.  No sharing!  Well, ideally you would share the side dishes since they’re large enough to pass around, but you don’t have to share dessert!  It’s a huge amount of food and the prime rib is a healthy slice of beefy goodness!  You’d be hard pressed to find just an entree for the same price on the menu.  I mean, I don’t understand why Sunday nights aren’t filled with only people ordering prime rib.  We did see some lobster tails going by, which I suspect is part of their steak and lobster tail for two for $99 promotion.  Which still doesn’t beat a full dinner for two for $66.  Yum.  I don’t know why we don’t go more often.  Perhaps it’s because it’s not healthy to stuff yourself like that every week.  We did bring home some extra prime rib, but it’ll probably get turned into a lunch salad or sandwich rather than going in the doggy dinner bowls (sorry, pups).

So, things I learned this weekend?  Three days off are way better than two, oysters are not always friendly to the digestive system, Monty Python and the Holy Grail is still funny (and even better in Japanese), fireworks are cool but if the “fuzz” pulls up while one is going off in front of you you’re pretty much busted, motorcycles are fun but it’s really hot when you’re not moving, and Fleming’s prime rib deal is awesome.  Also awesome?  Our friends, they totally rock.  Except the one who moved away to Seattle.  I kid; he’s still cool.  It’s just not the same without him here.

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