My new ride

See that bike?  You might be asking, is that the motorcycle T bought for himself?  And I would reply, no, T bought himself a hoity toity BMW bike (that is actually behind the pretty little black bike featured here).  So then, you might be wondering why there would be two motorcycles in our garage.  Surely one only needs one bike at a time.  And I would say you are correct.

So, that bike?  That bike up there that is all small and cute?  That would be my bike.  Yes, I bought a motorcycle, a 2007 Honda Rebel (stop snickering).  No, I don’t even have my permit yet (but I will go take the written test this week).  Rest assured, I will not be riding around until I have my permit.  Even then, the only riding I’ll be doing will be in large empty parking lots in first gear and under 5 mph.  Trust me, T would never take me on a real street unless he felt that I felt I was ready.  I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want the huge guilt that would come with me falling or hitting something.

Now you might be wondering why I would even buy a motorcycle when it is perfectly comfortable riding on the back of the BMW.  Well, sometimes I wonder that, too.  It certainly takes less focus and concentration to be a passenger than it does to be a rider.  But, we’re taking a motorcycle safety course next month and I really didn’t want to do that not knowing anything about motorcycles or shifting or balancing.  I wanted to ride a bike before taking the class.  I’m also quite short, which means practicing on T’s bike is pretty much out of the question.  I needed a small easy to handle bike to learn how to shift and balance and stop and maybe not stall so much.  Then we found one for a really decent price that also didn’t require driving very far.  It all happened rather quickly, actually.

We checked out the bike, T asked all the important questions, T also took it for a test drive, and then I handed over an envelope full of cash.  And then T drove it home.  And then to a parking lot where I did ride my little bike for the first time and managed to go 40 feet in first gear without stalling and with a nice solid stop.  If I ever needed proof that I am well-loved and a little spoiled, I got it tonight when T first started pushing the bike in neutral so I would get a feel for a moving motorcycle and then later when he actually ran beside the bike in first gear, keeping his hand on the back to make sure I wouldn’t fall over.  Who else would work so hard to make sure I felt safe and didn’t get too frustrated?  He pretty much did the same thing when teaching me how to snowboard.  I don’t think there’s anyone else in the world with that much patience.

It is pretty fun to ride… although I am perfectly aware that just because I can cruise down a parking lot in first gear doesn’t mean I’m anywhere near ready to go on streets that have other moving vehicles.  I still have to get a feel for starting from a start and then there’s that whole business of shifting into some higher gear.  Trust me, I know there’s a lot more work to be done.  But it’s kind of nice feeling like I can do it.


4 responses to “My new ride

  1. Love your site!
    good luck! The motorcycle course is invaluable, I knew nothing about shifting or braking (I couldn’t even really ride a bike) before I took the class. They’ll teach you everything you need to know, and you’ll feel much more confident by the end! And don’t worry about starting out on a rebel, people who’ll try to convince you that “you need at least 600cc” are retarded. I ride a 250cc, and I ride it everywhere (and I’ve taken it up to 100mph, so it’s plenty of power for me).
    Be safe!

  2. Yeah, everyone says that the class will pretty much teach you how to ride a motorcycle, but I feel a lot better knowing I can practice without a bunch of people around me. It’s a cute little bike and I like it so far! I gave it a nice pet before leaving for work today.

  3. Welcome to the dark side. Now you are an even more official member of our yet-to-be-named Poway motorcycle gang. 🙂

  4. I just accidentally found your site while googling for, of all things, an image of a motorcycle with a shoe rack. The Rebel is a nice little bike. I started with mine a year ago, and I am not spring chicken here… 42 years young and all.

    It can’t do everything like lay rubber on the asphalt or pull wheelies or stoppies or carry a weeks worth of groceries. Taking a Rebel out on desert roads is ‘doable’ but not advisable… I know from experience.

    But they are good transportation, they get great gas mileage, insurance is cheap and if you ever want to upgrade, they have a great resale value.

    Oh… did I mention that I just took mine on a little 5800 mile ride from Vegas to Kitty Hawk and back? Yes, they are capable of quite a lot of riding.

    Best of luck to you and ride safe!

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