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Rita’s Italian ice in SD

Don’t ask how I first learned there was a Rita’s on the west coast, in San Diego, no less. I end up finding a lot of random info on the Internet, usually just clicking one link to another. Most of the time, it’s just a random tidbit that sticks in my brain for weeks until it pops back up. So, when T and I were planning a Saturday fun-day (Sunday fun-day sounds better, but this one happened to be on Saturday) that would bring us up to Carlsbad, Rita’s popped back into my head and then I did some Googling to make sure I wasn’t crazy.

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Kitchen 1540 – Del Mar

For Christmas, Travis gave me the gift of a fabulous meal.  He printed out menus from all sorts of “higher end” spots in San Diego and said we could go anywhere.  We would get to see what San Diego cuisine has to offer and I wouldn’t have to think about how it would fit into our household “dining out” budget.  It was a pretty awesome gift.

After our trip to Portland and fabulously ridiculous meal at Castagna, I was curious about Kitchen 1540.  I had heard really good things about it, but also knew they had recently had a chef change.  I tried not to have huge expectations, but it turns out my fears were unfounded.

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Castagna – Portland

I mentioned we did a lot of good eating over our long-weekend trip to Portland. It’s pretty common for us to cram a lot into a relatively short trip, but even I was impressed that we managed to cross so many tasty bites off our list.  We flew in Thursday morning and then home Sunday afternoon.  That only leaves so many meals, snacks, and beer breaks.  Throw in a day at the coast and meeting friends for dinner, and we really only had our first night in town dedicated to dinner of my choosing.

Based on some Chowhound research and cross-referencing various recommendations, I figured we could either go to Little Bird or Castagna for dinner.  The menu at Little Bird looked to be French-inspired, while the set menu at Castagna looked… well, intriguing.  Intriguing enough that Travis was willing to indulge my curiosity.

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Things we’ve been eating

I have been quite lax in posting these days.  Even worse about documenting what we’ve been eating or cooking, since there has been quite a lot of both going on.  I do have a post in the works about an amazing (amazing!) meal we had in Portland, which leads into another amazing meal we had in San Diego.  For now, I’m reverting to bullet form and apologies.

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Clearing off the memory card, Part 2

Just a few more random photos, not even food related!

Right before our wedding, I noticed there were beautiful blue eggs in this bird house we hung from our patio.  When we got back from our honeymoon, I found these cute little chicks sticking their heads out and peeping.  After a few days, they were all gone!  They didn’t look all that feathered to me, but I also didn’t find any of them in the yard, so I’m hoping they all flew the nest okay!

They look all cute and cuddly… and then someone starts to get smushed:

That’s my Cassie-bear!  She’s just a cutie (and also my favorite, totally not a secret).

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Jimmy’s Brick Pit BBQ – Poway

Travis is always looking for a good bbq dinner.  Pulled pork is usually his yardstick measure; mine is brisket since I’ve given up on finding tri-tip like I’m used to from years in San Luis Obispo.  A place gets bonus points if we don’t have to travel too far from home to get some tasty smoked meats.

We’ve been to Kaminski’s enough times to not really want to go back.  We also went to Smokin’ Joe before it changed names and became Jimmy’s Brick Pit BBQ.  I thought Jimmy’s was the same, just with a different sign, so one night we decided to stop in and see for ourselves.  It’s the same, just with a little more bad-partner drama, and sometimes red velvet cake for dessert. Continue reading

Afternoon tea is cool, just ask Travis

I don’t want my sad, whiny post to be the first thing you see while I’m trying to find time to put up new posts.  Between new projects at work and losing a couple people in our group, my work days have gotten longer and busier and crazier.  I’m barely finding time to keep up with things like laundry and dishes and sleeping (but I still manage to find time to eat!) let alone process photos and write posts.

It could be months before I get around to writing about our trip to New Zealand, but here’s one of my favorites.  The first day we were in Auckland, I got Travis to go with me to a fancy afternoon tea at The Langham.  I didn’t think he’d go, since tea seems to be a chick thing, but he’s usually more willing to do these things with me when we’re on vacation than if we were at home.  He was able to get coffee instead of tea, too, which made him happy.

Between the scones and the sandwiches, we were so full we took most of the desserts back to the hotel with us, where I nibbled at them over the next day.  I’ve been to quite a few teas in San Diego (including Hotel Del and the Four Seasons) and I have to say this was the best showing of food I’ve ever had.  Everything was fantastic and delicious and well worth the money, which wasn’t even that much more than what I’ve spent here.  Even the ginger tea I had was amazing.

I’m not saying you should fly to New Zealand just to have afternoon tea at The Langham.  But, you should go to New Zealand for a bunch of other reasons and while you’re there you should definitely make time to go to tea at The Langham.