My first meme

It’s not that it’s been a crazy-busy week.  I don’t think we’ve been running around too much after work.  I suppose we did go see a bluegrass show on Monday, then went to bed early on Tuesday, then went for a motorcycle ride on Wednesday.  This all adds up to me not wanting to sit in front of the computer typing away.  And so, this week I have been lazy. 

Our neighbor seems to feel compelled to tell us her scooter is way better than T’s new motorcycle.  And that we hired good landscape people as they are nice, fast, and efficient.  Although, she doesn’t like the dust that makes her have to close all her windows.  Well, sorry, but there’s not much I can do about that.  When you take away dust-holding weeds and “grass” and leave the yard with open dirt, it’s gonna get dusty. 

We finally tried Holi Moli Ravioli that opened up on Poway Road.  It’s next to Spicy Pickle, but not in the old Pick Up Stix space.  It’s on the other side.  I took pictures and everything, with the intent of writing it up, but that will have to wait.  For now, just trust me when I say it’s really good food at a really good price and it’s really convenient.  You can either pick it up to go or eat at the few tables they have set up.

Somehow, my sister seems to think that peanut butter hotdogs are like peanut butter and Spam on pancakes when it comes to odd things we used to eat.  First, Daddy never ate peanut butter AND Spam on pancakes.  Peanut butter on pancakes, yes.  Fried Spam on the side, probably.  All together?  I don’t think so.  Second, while peanut butter on hot dogs is something we learned from him, you can’t forget the addition of potato chips.  That’s really how it’s done.  Basically, we learned that peanut butter is pretty good on just about anything.

And now, you get a meme!  What is a meme?  It’s basically a lazy way of putting together a post because someone else asks the questions and then you add your own answers.  Ta da!

What did you do 10 years ago?
Let’s see, 10 years ago would be 1998, so I would have been between my second and third year of college?  That’s probably the year I started dating the guy that everyone expected I would marry and was relieved when I kind of just cut it off after graduation.  It was a pretty crappy move on my part, but I didn’t know how else to do it.  Other than that, I was living in a really cute duplex in downtown SLO, enjoying the creek, Thursday night Farmers Market walks, and just trying to get through school.

Five items on your to-do list:
1. Vacuum under the dining room table where all the fur seems to migrate.
2. Dust the dog room since we’ve been leaving the glass door open (but screen door closed) to let air circulate and all the backyard dust blows in.
3. Clear off the kitchen counter that’s holding all my random receipts, coupons, and papers that are most likely driving T crazy.
4. Leave work early (after getting my 32 hours + Holiday in) to get this three-day weekend started!
5. Take a motorcycle ride with our new Poway bike gang, eat a peanut butter sundae, and have fun this weekend!
5+1. Get the DMV to get my motorcycle permit. No, this doesn’t mean I’m getting a bike of my own. Yes, it means I’m mildly curious about riding my own bike.

Snacks I enjoy:
The Angelcots from Trader Joe’s, TJ’s popped potato chips, homemade hummus and toasted pita bread, grilled eggplant, butter and radish sandwiches.  And french crullers.

What would you do if you were a billionaire?
1. Stop working so we have more time to travel and visit people.
2. Add a second story to our house and expand the bathrooms.
3. Buy a vacation house in Colorado so T can see his friends.
4. Buy a vacation house in Seattle so T can see if he really likes living there. And so we can visit Ben.
5. Buy an RV so I have an excuse to buy an RV dog.
6. Replace the carpet in my parents’ house and add a doggy door so her dogs will learn to be housebroken.
7. Buy that huge lot behind our house that is supposed to become affordable housing but never will, build a huge no-kill shelter, and pay off anyone who complains about having a shelter in the neighborhood.

Places I would live:
1. Poway – I really do love where we live!
2. Boulder – There’s a house on a mountain with awesome views and a kickass antler chandelier.
3. Maine – I hear the lobsters and blueberries are pretty tasty up there.

Jobs I have had:
I’ve made patient files for my dentist in high school, worked in a CHP traffic response simulation training center (I got to “call” and act like an annoyed driver stuck in traffic), helped a professor with his air quality certification class, volunteered at a shelter, babysat, and now I’m a civil engineer.

Happy weekend everyone!


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