Crazy loyalty


If you were to observe my dogs during the day, you’d think Cassie is my biggest fan.  She chooses me over anyone else for attention and just loves to cuddle up.  Lexi will go to anyone else in the room before she comes to me and Sadie kind of just does her own thing.  However, I’ve been told that when I leave the house and T stays home, Lexi will just sit by the door the whole time until I return.  One weekend, I took Cassie and Sadie to Vegas with me, leaving T and Lexi at home.  The saddest thing I ever heard was that Lexi spent the whole night by the door, so T dragged a dog bed out to her in case she wanted to sleep on something softer, but she stayed put.  I always figured she was by the door when I came home because she heard the garage door open and ran over.  This picture, taken by T while I took my mom to the airport, says otherwise.

I find it quite touching that she waits for me so patiently, but I also think I’d rather just have her be a nicer dog when I’m trying to brush her tail.

Please excuse the mess of papers on the front of my fridge.  I don’t know how it happened, but there’s no turning back.


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