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Taking a Siesta


Don’t get me wrong – I’m still out there eating and exploring and enjoying all that San Diego has to offer. I’ve been cooking and pinning and creating delicious meals out of only the pantry and freezer. We went to Disneyland and Cars Land and ate food served in cute little cones and walked until we pretty much broke our feet. There’s a lot going on. It’s just not making it online.

Life is just too busy and too fun to sit down at the computer and edit photos, type up pages of words, and fiddle with links. I guess you could say I’ve gotten a bit bored. I’m not about page hits or tags or site views – I just wanted a place to lay out my thoughts and grumbles. Along the way, I got to meet a lot of awesome people and have a lot of fun. I’m still having fun (sometimes with those awesome people!), I’m just not writing about it here. I do hope to drop in now and then when there’s something I absolutely have to say. Eventually, I hope to come back to more regular posting. In the meantime, just know I’m being well-fed.

ps – Toby became my best buddy and shadow, but we finally did take him back home. If only he wasn’t such a barker! I miss his cuddles, but I don’t miss all the blanket-hogging he did.

Project Scaredy Pup: Progress!




So, this is Toby, one of my mom’s crazy (adopted) foster dogs. He has a brother, who looks like Benji and they look nothing alike. But, they’re both scared out of their wits by anyone other than my parents. My mom had them and their mom since they were tiny pups, so I can’t imagine what happened to them to make them so scared. Their mom was certainly friendly to other people (or at least us, when we went to visit). I like a good challenge (actually, I like an odds-are-in-my-favor challenge that doesn’t take a lot of work), so on our last trip home we brought Toby home to see if we could “fix” him. Toby, at least, stays visible when we visit my parents. His brother hides under furniture the entire time we’re there.

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Happy Holidays!

Hey – did you think I fell off the face of the earth? I kind of feel like I did. It’s been too tiring to decide whether something is “blog-worthy” or not or if I care enough about something to spend time editing photos and then writing about it. Sorry about that. I’m a terrible blogger, what can I say?

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Engagement Pictures!!

First, I have not given up on that other blog I started, but it is going to be a while before I get caught up there.

Second, I think this will make up for the fact that I haven’t posted a picture here for, like, a billion posts.

Third, I consider these more pre-wedding pictures than engagement pictures because, let’s face it, we’re already halfway through our “engagement period”.  The teaser pics came out pretty nicely, I think, and I can’t wait to see the rest of them.

Mandi Contreras is our photographer, and she’s an associate photographer with Melissa McClure Photgraphy.  We got tons of amazing recommendations on photographers, but we couldn’t afford a lot of them.  Plus, the moment we sat down with Mandi, I loved her.  She came out to our house after Christmas and we took pictures in our neighborhood and then jaunted over the Old Poway Park.  She even got some photos of our pups (nicely groomed just before that last storm hit.. great timing!)

That last one is my favorite… it’s our family!  Minus the cats.  Look how cute the pups are!

Thanks, Mandi!  We had a blast posing and temple-nuzzling, and smiling big smiles all afternoon!

the cuteness… it kills me

all together now... "awww..."

My mom is fostering a little pup believed to be a Chow-Shepherd mix who is almost as cute as Cassie was when she was a pup.  And that’s saying something.

baby Cassie

Someone found him in the parking lot of Walmart.  A Walmart in Vegas.  In the summer.  Which makes no sense (aside from being super mean) since he was obviously taken care of and well fed.  It’s really anyone’s guess where he’ll end up – I’m thinking he might enjoy living in Austin with my sister.  She’s staying in Vegas for a while until she moves out there; how could you live with that puppy and not want to take him with you?  My mom thinks he’ll get too big for her to want to keep him, even though I say he has itty-bitty paws, which obviously means he’ll be a small dog.  I can tell you he won’t end up in Poway, unless Travis has a stroke or something and forgets we already have 3 substantial-sized dogs.


So… anyone looking for a puppy?  Free delivery!

I wonder if his ears will always be floppy

Winner, winner, chicken dinner?

Is that right?  Is that how the saying goes?  Sometimes, I think my brain recalls tidbits correctly, but then I find out things like the song is not about taking pinheads bowling (although, how awesome would that be?)

Sorry this took so long.  I didn’t realize that extending a giveaway until midnight means I can’t start counting comments until the next day.  And when that next day is filled with work, dog drama, and trying to pack up for the weekend, things get a little pushed down the list.  Plus, we spent the weekend camping with homebrew folks (those people also know how to cook at a campsite!) and no internet.  We got home at a good time on Sunday, so I made myself pick the Circulon grill pan winner.

Since there were only three (!) comments – nobody else wanted a grill pan? – I figured I could make it more fun than a random number generator without it being too difficult.  I enlisted Lexi for a little cup game, with a twist.

one - two - three

Three cups were numbered and an enticing treat was placed under each cup.  If I had only placed a treat under one cup, that wouldn’t have been very fair.  Lexi made this easy, because she’ll sit patiently until I’m ready and then go for it with a simple command.

if only she could flip that cup over!

I turned the cups around so I couldn’t see the numbers, then started switching them up.  I realize this doesn’t really have an effect since there are always three treats and three cups, so all I was really doing was shuffling the cups.  Then I let Lexi go and she started nosing a cup away in an attempt to get the treat under it.  While I was setting up, she did sniff each cup (and try to eat the treat), so she was well aware that each cup had a tasty something under it.

#2 - winner!

I gave her the treat and turned the cup around to see that she chose #2, which is Mary!  Congratulations, Mary!  And many thanks for CSN Stores for letting me hold the giveaway!

A Vote for Cassie is a vote for… happy dogs?

Vote Now!

At some point, I must have signed up for something on the Greenies website. The dogs used to chew Greenies and really love them, but they also go through them like they’re eating butter and it got kind of expensive to keep up with their habit. A few days ago, I actually opened an e-mail they sent to me and it was about some contest they’re holding. Obviously, you need to know a million people to even have a chance at winning, but Cassie’s such a cute dog I had to enter a photo. So, I did.

Even though we have no chance of winning (a year’s supply of Greenies!), please consider voting for my pup. She deserves it!