I read a lot of Hungry Girl (HG).  Sometimes I learn about promotions and new snack foods and sometimes I like those new snack foods.  Sometimes I don’t.  I am not a fan of the Shirotaki tofu noodles.  I would rather eat whole wheat pasta.  Or no pasta.  Or “real” pasta.  I do like some of the new 100-calorie packs or chips and cookies.  But I’m by no means a snack food expert and I really don’t spend much time trying to find healthier snacks.  We honestly don’t eat a lot of junk food, so I would attribute our lack of weight loss more to the fact that we eat decadent meals and just don’t get moving often enough.  On the other hand, I also wouldn’t say I’m fat.  I could just be leaner and maybe have more muscle mass.

HG spends a lot of time raving about Vitalicious Vitatops and Vitamuffins.  High in Fiber!  Tastes Great!  Better than a Brownie!

The Vitalicious folks were at the Fancy Food Show and I grabbed a sample of one of their muffins.  I think it was apple-something.  It was moist and quite tasty.  No funny aftertaste at all.  So, when HG ran a Vitatop promotion with all sorts of chocolatey goodies and free shipping, I jumped right on that.  I figured it would be fun eating a chocolate muffin top for breakfast, or that a Vitatop would be a good afternoon snack being all chocolatey and not-so-bad for you. 

I have to wonder why HG doesn’t run promotions for the regular muffins, like the apple one I tasted.  Her promotions are always for the chocolate ones… maybe people need the motivation to order the chocolate ones?

I ate a piece of the Fudgy Peanut Butter Chip Vitatop to taste it.  To see if I was in for a treat when I got hungry after lunch.  I’m very sorry to say it was not good.  It tastes like something high in fiber (24% DV!) and not very chocolatey.  I am finishing it because there are 21 other Vitatops in other chocolate combinations in my freezer, and maybe if I keep eating them I’ll learn to like them, but they will never take the place of a cookie craving.  I suppose there are worse ways to get your dietary fiber for the day, but this is not a fun one.  I’m kind of wishing I had just spent the money on shipping to buy some of the bran-type Vitatops.  At least when something says “bran”, you expect it to taste somewhat healthy. 

To the Vitalicious people: I’m sorry I don’t like your chocolate Fudgy Peanut Butter Vitatops.  The sample of the non-chocolate something I had at the Fancy Food Show was awesome and I just assumed the chocolate variety would be equally as awesome.  I was wrong.  Which is what happens a lot when you assume things. 

The good news is that I can relay my experience to T before he unwittingly eats one.  I think he would be very unhappy with me if he ate one after I told him how much I liked the sample I ate at the Food Show and how different these chocolate ones are.

ps – okay, I’ve also eaten the Deep Chocolate flavor and it’s not as bad as the PB one.  Not as satisfying as a brownie or chocolate chip cookie, but it’s okay.  My lesson to all of you is to just stay away from the Fudgy PB Vitatop, please.


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