Yoplait Yo-Plus


I bought the new Yoplait Yo-Plus because it claims to help your digestive system, which I thought could be beneficial when coming out of a faux-detox.  I chose Yoplait over Dannon or other yogurt brands because I like the taste of Yoplait.  If I’m looking for a plain yogurt for cooking or eating with berriers, I’ll go with Straus, Mountain High, or even the Trader Joe’s brand.  But if I want to eat a flavored yogurt, I go with Yoplait.  It never has a funny aftertaste and is always creamy and homogenized.  Even the non-fat versions.  I also grew up loving the custard style (now called Thick ‘n Creamy), so I have brand loyalty.

The website is very colorful and flash-graphicy but it doesn’t really tell you why this yogurt is better for you.  It says it’s full of fiber, prebiotics, and probiotics but beyond that you’re kind of just taking their word that this is a good yogurt to add to your diet.  They also challenge you to eat it for 10 days and see how great you feel.  I think that’s just marketing hooey.  Apparently, probiotics are the organisms that keep your digestive system from going wonky and prebiotics are organisms that keep your system in balance so the probiotics thrive.  Yo-Plus has both so that it “crowds” bad organisms out of your digestive system and allows the good organisms to multiply and take up that space.  I’m a little skeptical.

I do know that the cup of yogurt is easy to eat, tastes great, adds 3g of fiber, and is only 110 calories.  It’s a good morning snack, although not enough to be breakfast all by itself.  You get 4 cups of yogurt, but they’re small, and I think the price kind of works out to be along the lines of buying the regular Yoplait.  I don’t think it would hurt to eat this instead of regular Yoplait, but I do think eating some yogurt every day is a good thing.  So, however it gets you to eat yogurt, I’m all for it.  Obviously, eating plain yogurt cuts down your sugar, but it doesn’t taste as good. 

Thumbs up for the Yo-Plus; two thumbs up for yogurt in general, especially Yoplait.


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