Pamir Kabob House, revisited

**Update: Sadly, this restaurant has since closed.**

The 2007 Entertainment Book is set to expire at the end of October, so we’re trying to make it to the places we’d like to try while we can still get a discount (the 2008 Book is looking a little slim), as well as revisit some of our favorites with the 2nd 2007 book we got when we bought the 2008 version. One was Poway Sushi Lounge, another is Pamir Kabob House.

We have a fridge full of leftovers and a kitchen full of CSA veggies. But, it was Friday night and I like going out to eat on Friday nights (never mind we spent Monday at Thee Bungalow and Wednesday at the Sushi Lounge). To me, that’s what Fridays are for… and it’s probably the closest thing we do to a real date night. Technically, you could say every night we go out is a date night, but really you should stop arguing with me and just accept that Fridays are for going out and not cooking. Agreed? Okay. Moving on…

It had been months since we last went to Pamir and I was a little sad to see it so empty on a Friday night. There were two other tables when we entered, and then one more party came in while we were eating. Perhaps the crowd was checking out Mr. Hummos (now open!) instead? The menu at Pamir had changed a little since our last visit, but I was happy to see that appetizer portions of the aushak, scallion-filled dumplings with a meat sauce, had been added. Last time, the owner offered to create an appetizer portion and I really enjoyed it. T was apparently in a dumpling mood because we ordered an appetizer portion of their mantu, a meat-filled pasta with a yogurt sauce, and he got the aushak as his dinner. I went for the lamb and apricots.

As always, the pasta has the perfect chew to it and the yogurt and meat meld wonderfully together. T really liked the powdered mint dust sprinkled over everything. The dinner portion of aushak is surprisingly large, with the meat sauce and a yogurt sauce artfully served in a spiral over the dumplings. What I enjoy at Pamir are their lamb dishes. I tend to stay away from lamb in restaurants (aside from rack of lamb) because too often it is tough or dry… sometimes both. The lamb at Pamir has been tender, flavorful, and still moist. It comes served in a little dish next to your plate of rice, green beans, and spinach (I think it’s spinach) and though it doesn’t look like a lot of food, it is plentiful. We always end up taking some food home.

I do hope this little restaurant is doing well enough to stay open. Perhaps their lunch crowd gives them more business? Lunch specials are $6.95 and are offered not only Monday through Friday, but also on Saturday! Service is always pleasant and usually very quick. It’s a shame we’re trying to eat at home more often, because I could easily put them on my weekly rotation!


6 responses to “Pamir Kabob House, revisited

  1. I think you should make a copy of your comments about this little restaurant and show it to the owners. It would make them smile.

  2. Unfortunately, the lunch crowd isn’t all that impressive, either. We’ve been a few times, and there are usually only one or two other tables with people at them. The food is so good, but maybe Poway is just a tough crowd to be catering to. I mean…it DOES have a rodeo.

  3. I agree with both comments. I really liked my dinner at Pamir but I too am trying to eat more at home. Love your blog!

  4. Well, maybe they’ll stick around a little longer. Every time we go with our Entertainment Book card, she never punches the hole and tells us we can use it on our next visit, too! I wonder if they’re in the 2008 Book.

  5. Thanks for your post on this. We’re trying to use up the last of our 2007 book, too. So this weekend, we were at both the Sushi Lounge and Pamir. Pamir was a great choice. Really yummy food and the service was great!

    Thanks for blogging about resturants here in Poway. Great blog!

  6. caroline – Poway Sushi Lounge is really good. On Mondays they have the 50% off menu and their sushi happy hour lasts until 6:30pm (it’s one of the latest happy hours I know of). Last time we went, we ordered off the happy hour menu, ordered 2 dinners (to use the 2-for-1) and ended up with enough leftovers for lunch the next day. It was a pretty good deal!

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