Vegas dog, baby!

We went to Vegas this weekend to see my parents. They moved out there in 1996 and have been enjoying it ever since. It makes for a nice place to visit, considering we always have a place to stay and my mom likes to go out to eat a lot. Sometimes I take the dogs, sometimes I don’t. Lately, I’ve just been taking Cassie since he’s the best behaved dog. Lexi tends to pick on my mom’s Maltese dogs and Sadie is just so much bigger than they are that they are intimidated. But Cassie gets along with everyone and she’s just a sweetheart. She’s also a very good car-traveler. And I wanted to give her a haircut to get rid of the mats on her back. It’s a long drive to Vegas and after a while Cassie falls asleep…

@ 6:00 pm
@ 6:10 pm
@ 6:20 pm
@ 6:30 pm – out!

Look at all that fur on her! It makes her look so fat! She really isn’t. She’s a husky dog, a good eater, and heavier than Lexi, but she’s not overweight at all. Her fur is so dense and thick that it’s a bear to brush out. Want proof that my pup is pretty skinny?



There she is all shaved down. We trimmed the fur around her head so it didn’t look so ridiculous. I think she looks cute, like a little puppy. But not really like an American Eskimo. She looks so different than before we gave her a haircut. She acts a little different, too. At first, she just wanted to hide, even though we weren’t laughing at her. Then, last night, she slept all curled up on the bed right next to me – she was cold! Poor baby.


Lexi does not recognize her. I would think that dogs smell the same no matter what and that Lexi and Sadie wouldn’t give her haircut a second thought, but when we came home Lexi did not accept this tiny dog as the Cassie who left a couple days earlier. I think after tonight they’ll all be back to normal.

btw, someone googled “why does my mom have three dogs” and to that person I’d like to say, “I don’t know!”  My mom has four dogs and I don’t know why.  So, if you figure out why your mom has only three, please let me know.


I hope you all had a good weekend!


One response to “Vegas dog, baby!

  1. Cassie your beautiful! Come visit us at for American Eskimos just like you – in Las Vegas!

    woof woof Blizzard

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