Bally’s Sterling Brunch

When we go visit my parents in Vegas, most of the time my mom wants to go to Bally’s Sterling Brunch on Sunday. T would be happy going to Cravings at the Mirage, a lovely buffet that is cheaper than Bellagio’s buffet and just as good. Also, don’t waste your time or money on the Wynn buffet – way too expensive and not even all that good. I mean, if you’re playing at the Wynn and they comp you a buffet, you’ll find good food there but I wouldn’t pay for it.

Sterling Brunch is about $65 per person and there are no child’s prices. The price has gone up from $50 when my parents first moved to Vegas. Luckily for us, my parents believe that you should spend money on what makes you happy while you can still enjoy it. My dad says that as long as you enjoy your meal, it’s worth the money. My mom can easily eat $65 worth of food; my dad not so much. T doesn’t think he can, either, but we still go and enjoy it.

The service is impeccable, with the servers refolding your napkin every time you get up and keeping your coffee warm or going to find something if you can’t find it out on the buffet. My parents go so often the maitre d’ knows them and asks when we (me and my sister) will be back with them. The omelet guy always recognizes my sister and spends time talking to her as he makes her vegetarian omelet. She likes the attention, although she would never admit it.

It’s not a huge buffet with 12 stations and food from 7 different countries, but everything they serve is well made and very good. You can see a menu on the site, but we look forward to the lobster tails, sushi, rack of lamb, caviar, and creme brulee. Also, fresh fruit and berries (always sweet), unique salads, heriloom tomatoes, gazpacho, eggs benedict, and a dessert buffet that also includes sugar-free options. We leave stuffed and really don’t eat until we get home at 8pm (after a long drive) and even then it’s just a light snack.

There are plenty of good Sunday brunch options on the Strip, but Sterling Brunch is a splurge that everyone should make at least once.


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