Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful Mom!  Without her, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

I know everyone says they have the best mother… and, really, you should all have the best mom in the world… but I can’t say enough about mine and all that’s she’s done for me.  She is supportive and loyal and loving.  That she loves Travis as much as she does means that I must have done a good job choosing my husband.  Without her, we couldn’t have had our photobooth and mini donuts at the wedding, both of which I completely loved.  Honestly, without her, we wouldn’t have been able to do a lot of the house projects or most of our wedding.  Plus, the morning after the wedding, she and my aunt and Travis’ dad all spent the morning getting ready for hosting brunch at the house.

My mom loves animals like nobody’s business (not that I’m sure what that means, anyway) and has definitely passed that gene onto me.  Although, to Travis’ benefit, not to the same degree.  Her house is filled with cats and dogs and each one lives a happy, spoiled life.

She’s a wonderful cook and baker – anyone who’s met her should have no surprise as to where my love of food came from.  Bad meals and bad service make us both equally sad.

My mother is a giver – of love, of time, of food, and of herself.  When she visits, she brings food; when you visit her, she sends you home with food.  She saves articles from the paper for us to read, or clips out snippets on new breweries for Travis to see.  She bakes treats for her favorite doctors and for birthdays.  She stocks up on cat litter and dog treats and our pets truly appreciate it.  She loves that pig movie Babe and that one with the talking Chihuahuas.

My mom used to tell us that we choose our families before we’re born; somehow gazing across the millions of choices when we’re just whispering souls or something.  I must have gotten so lucky with my pick, because I couldn’t imagine ending up with anyone better.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom –  I love you!


One response to “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. That was my mom being described in this story. My mom feeds everyone who visits her home and encourages all to bring their dogs or cats, or whatever animal you may have, with them so that she can feed and spoil them. My mom is definitely a giver and never meets a stranger. All the animals in my mom’s neighborhood know her and they all get a treat when my mom visits or strolls by, only if of course its alright with the owner.

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