No free food for us

We never got our free Chipotle burrito from the new Poway location (next to the Ultrastar theater and the Starbucks, in case you don’t know). Our friends got there first and called to tell us the line was out the door, down the sidewalk, winding past Baskin Robbins! I seem to remember us running into this problem when Baskin Robbins has their free cone night.

We should learn not to get caught up in the free food frenzy. We always run into long lines and our time is more important and valuable to us than a free burrito. However, we did end up eating some good Mexican food for dinner anyway.

El Comal is on Poway Road, in the same strip mall as all the thrift stores. It’s tucked away in a corner, so you’d really only see it if you knew it was there. T and I actually noticed it while thrift store shopping one day but when we tried to have lunch there, the door was locked and they seemed closed. We didn’t know if they happened to be closed for the moment or gone for good, so it never really occurred to us to try again.

First, the margaritas are pretty good. Being a lightweight, Asian, and having an empty stomach, I didn’t get through all of mine. But the part I did drink tasted lovely. Second, the chips come out hot and lightly crisp. Great with the salsa. It’s really some of the best chips and salsa I’ve had in a while. They have a pretty extensive menu so I think just about anyone could find something that piques their interest. The carnitas are very good, as it’s what I had, and I love good carnitas. The mini rolled corn burritos (like a taquito, but shorter and with tomato and onion rolled up, too) were also good.

I still like the atmosphere and food at Lienzo Charro, but it’s good to know there’s a decent second choice, too. And, since it’s close to Carriage Road, we can always walk there for dinner and then walk some of it off coming back home. I like places like that!


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