The Lincoln Room

Sometimes, you just want to take the lazy way out and not have to do research on your own.  Which is what I did when I decided to go get a grown-up hair stylist and stop letting random people cut my hair at whatever salon I was passing at the time.  Cami always looks fabulous (she can pull of any hair style AND color) and she has passed the recommendation to another of our friends, so I figured I would just go to him, too (it’s Aaron, at the downtown Dearinger, btw.)

Aaron had mentioned the Lincoln Room to Cami at one of her appointments, so when we were looking for a new place to eat for an impromptu girls night out, that’s where we headed.  Darlene’s been there, too, and her post made me realize the significance of the happy hour pricing.  They have happy hour every day (I love daily happy hours!) and the menu is $5.  Get it?  Because Lincoln is on the $5 bill?

The restaurant is decorated like a log cabin (with logs on the wall and everything) with posters of Abraham Lincoln and tables covered in real pennies (all heads up, as far as I could tell).  It’s actually pretty cool, not too overdone or silly.  I mean, as un-silly as you can get in a restaurant dedicated to Lincoln.

We decided to get the deviled eggs, peel and eat shrimp, and the deconstructed pizza.

I’m not sure what happened to the picture of the deconstructed pizza, but it was basically cheesy flatbread with cups of warm goat cheese, roasted garlic, and a chunky tomato sauce.  It was actually really tasty – I’d get it again.  The deviled eggs were a little pricey, when you consider each egg cost $2.50, but they were delicious with the wasabi eggs and the tasty red chili sauce.  The peel and eat shrimp were just meh.  If it’s any indication, we left about 6 shrimp on the plate.  They weren’t bad (like, fishy or mushy or anything), they just weren’t stellar.

It’s a neat little place and I definitely want to take Travis and go through the rest of the menu.  And try the cocktails – I drank water that night since I was still in between dress fittings and couldn’t bring myself to drink “empty calories”.

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One response to “The Lincoln Room

  1. I’ve been wanting to go here since I saw Darlene’s post, but just hasn’t happened yet. Good to know about the shrimp! Peel and eat shrimp kind of annoys me, though. I’m not really into peeling my shrimp, and I hate when places leave the tail on – I know it’s pretty, but it’s annoying.

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