Bacon Brownies

I wish I could tell you I had a better picture of these wonderful, evil brownies, but they flew out of the pan faster than I thought (and not into just my mouth this time).

These are just the Sweet & Salty Brownies from Baked Explorations, topped with Cocoa Bacon.  They’re truly better than they sound (and, to me, cocoa bacon-topped brownies taste pretty darn good!)  You get the dense, fudgy brownie with some sweet/salty crunch from the salt/sugar topping, but then there’s another crunch in each bite – it’s savory and smoky and, well, bacon-y, but not too much because the bacon is pretty well cooked.  I chop the bacon into pretty small pieces, but you can make them as big or small as you like.  I wanted to make sure each brownie piece had some bacon and I didn’t want the bacon to fall off (like they might if they’re too large).

I don’t often have time to make a batch of bacon in addition to brownies, but these were for a friend’s birthday, so the extra effort was well-deserved.  In a pinch, though, Sweet & Salty Brownies are just as good.


One response to “Bacon Brownies

  1. Truly evil. I would eat some. I love your dishcloth!

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