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Urban Eats – Hillcrest

Disclosure: Our meal was complimentary, but I was not compensated for this review. As always, all opinions are my own.

Hillcrest used to be the neighborhood we’d head for when we wanted something new and exciting to eat. Then we moved to North Park, then South Park, and recently have been poking around Hillcrest again. Full circle, I suppose. One place we haven’t visited in a long time that I miss is Tapas Picasso, but that’s now what this post is about.

Whenever we try and new up-and-coming spot, I feel like I’m always weighing cost vs. value, multiplied by the local+seasonal factor, divided by whether or not I have to go outside to find dessert. There’s a lot of math involved with my meal enjoyment, I guess. You’re lucky I haven’t drafted up a spreadsheet… or maybe you’d like that.

Anyway, I was invited into Urban Eats a little over a month after they had opened and I took Travis with me. Some people are good about sharing their media meal experience with other people, I just take my husband because I like eating with him, he lets me eat off his plate (and sometimes just lets me order for him), and I always know what his schedule is for dinner. Plus, he eats just about everything (except oysters) and will even try things I’m not even sure I’ll like. All this is irrelevant, though, because I’m pretty sure everything Urban Eats offers is delicious.

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