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Izakaya Tajima – Shabu Shabu

If you’ve ever craved shabu shabu in San Diego, you know that there aren’t very many options, the ones available can be expensive, and they usually aren’t that great (i.e., craving not really satisfied). [ed. note – if I’m wrong and you
know of an awesome shabu shabu spot, please tell me!!]

After the Great Restaurant Week Snafu of 2011, we still needed to get dinner and there was no point in just turning around and going home. There had been twittering earlier about shabu shabu (or maybe hot pot? Or both?) and Darlene mentioned she was going to try the shabu shabu at Tajima, an option I was not aware of. So, being close the area and also on the early end of dinner time, we thought we’d check it out as well. There are two Tajimas: the Noodle House is located on Convoy and Izakaya is on Mercury. Shabu shabu is on the menu at Izakaya, but not the Noodle House (as far as I can tell).

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