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Smashburger’s Windy City Burger

Sometimes, I can be a sucker for “limited time only” products. I hate feeling like I’ve missed out on something that may never come back (even when it usually does come back at some point).  I’ve gotten better at this, as most things always go on sale again and I really don’t even need half the things I want to begin with.

Food is a completely different story. If we’re on vacation and near a must-eat spot, Travis knows that we’re most likely going to eat it.  I’m still sad we weren’t able to squeeze in a dessert trip to WD-50 when we were in New York.  Or splurge for a meal at Alinea when we were in Chicago (granted, we weren’t really in the same financial situation then).  I also enjoy seasonal food items – peppermint mochas at Starbucks, mint M&Ms, Cadbury mini eggs (those may be my weakness).

So, when I heard Smashburger was bringing the Windy City burger to San Diego, I was intrigued.  When I found out it was only going to be here through October, I was very interested.  And when I found out the darn thing is served on a pretzel bun, I started making plans to work in a burger dinner.  Throw a limited-time banana shake in the mix and I’m a goner.

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Smashburger – Rancho Penasquitos opening

It often seems like, in this day and age (does make me sound old?), people don’t like going to chain restaurants or at least admitting that they enjoy them. Admittedly, I have quite a few chain restaurants on my list that I avoid and if you tell me you love going there, I literally have to bite my tongue so I don’t call you crazy. However, there are also some chain restaurants (or eateries) that I love: 3 warm cookies for $1 from McDonald’s on a late night can’t be beat; 2 deep-fried tacos for 99 cents at Jack in the Box is an awful, awful (but rare) indulgence of mine; if you even try to berate my In-n-Out I will cut you. I am now adding to this list: Smashburger burgers.

Now, until recently, I’d never actually had a burger at Smashburger. I’d tasted their chicken sandwiches (fried) and salads and Smashsides (not a fan of the veggie frites), but not a burger. But, thanks to Dara and the fine folks at Elle Communications, I finally got to try one at their VIP Preview Party for the Rancho Penasquitos location!

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Smashburger – coming soon to RPQ

I didn’t really know what to expect when Smashburger came to town, and I still haven’t actually had a burger there, but their chicken dishes are quite tasty.  I still like that you can get a good lunch for a decent price, but I don’t often get to Mission Valley during lunch time (that’s the closest one to my office).  So, when I heard that one is scheduled to open in Rancho Penasquitos (and later one in Kearny Mesa) I got pretty excited.  It’s not close to work. but it’s definitely closer to home, which means we’re more likely to stop by after work or on the weekend.

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