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Jimmy’s Brick Pit BBQ – Poway

Travis is always looking for a good bbq dinner.  Pulled pork is usually his yardstick measure; mine is brisket since I’ve given up on finding tri-tip like I’m used to from years in San Luis Obispo.  A place gets bonus points if we don’t have to travel too far from home to get some tasty smoked meats.

We’ve been to Kaminski’s enough times to not really want to go back.  We also went to Smokin’ Joe before it changed names and became Jimmy’s Brick Pit BBQ.  I thought Jimmy’s was the same, just with a different sign, so one night we decided to stop in and see for ourselves.  It’s the same, just with a little more bad-partner drama, and sometimes red velvet cake for dessert. Continue reading


Still here

Please excuse the Panna Cotta post in the middle of all this fire stuff. It was pre-posted and I forgot it was going up this morning. Obviously, in order to keep roads clear, I don’t advocate driving to Trader Joe’s right now. Which is almost sad, because if you did have the panna cotta you could have a nice dessert while also conserving electricity (since it just defrosts and doesn’t need anything else).

My office has been closed today, to comply with SDG&E’s request to save electricity and CHP’s request to keep major highways clear for evacuees (relevant since you take the same freeway to get to Qualcomm as you do to get to my office). I think I’m going to go through the house and see what extra towels, blankets, and toothbrushes we can take to the Poway center.

I’m not really worried at all about the house burning down. My concern is that the fire at Espola Road crosses some line where they feel the rest of Poway needs to be evacuated. It’s the not knowing that’s getting to me – even if my office opens tomorrow, I can’t leave until I know I’d be able to come home to get everyone if I needed to (since I obviously can’t haul everyone to work with me).

Being home all day, my inclinations go towards baking and cleaning. But, I’d feel guilty running the vacuum and washing machine and oven. So, what should I do? I already made T play Sorry! with me yesterday and I may have used up his board game tolerance. Can’t run outside with the dogs because it’s pretty smoky.

I hope all your friends and families are safe and in their homes. I know how fortunate we are that we have a home to bunker down in. I’m also grateful for our friends who have offered their home (and backyard) should we need to leave Poway.