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Momofuku-esque Roast Pork

Ever since we had the backyard renovation, I’ve been wanting to do a whole pig roast. Except, it’s kind of expensive and you need a lot of people to eat the, you know, whole hog.  I think for a good sized pig, you can feed 100 people.  We didn’t have 100 people at our wedding, where would we ever round up that many people for a party?

So, when I get it in my head to chow down on porky goodness, we try to round up enough people to help us make a dent in a 7-pound pork roast.  Not just any pork roast, though, a Momofuku-style pork roast.  When we were in New York, one thing we had to do before we left was eat one of David Chang’s steamed pork buns, a pillowy soft bun stuffed with tender pork belly.  We couldn’t reasonably take part in his bo ssam dinner, so when we got home I ordered up his cookbook.

Some of the recipes in the cookbook are time-consuming and some have hundreds of steps.  Some are time consuming because they have hundreds of steps!  But I haven’t been disappointed with a single recipe I’ve tried and his bo ssam recipe, along with the green scallion sauce, have become my go-to dishes.  I’ve taken them to potlucks, and we’ve made it while camping.  I’ve never heard anyone turn it down.
Learn how I turned a 3-page recipe into just a few key steps…