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8 Korean BBQ – Buena Park, CA

My parents watch a lot of food shows, so I’m used to getting e-mails telling me about some place they saw that I absolutely have to try because it looked so good “on tv”. The last one they told me about was 8 Korean BBQ, but when I looked it up I only saw the location in the heart of Los Angeles. There’s not much in LA that we visit, so I wasn’t sure if I wanted to brave LA traffic just for some pork belly that my parents saw on some show. But when I was mapping out places to try within reasonable driving distance (LA/OC driving, that is), I came across another 8 Korean BBQ location in Buena Park, and when I called to verify that they were the same spot with the same pork belly offerings, I made reservations for us to try it out during my Santa Ana trip.
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Vegetarian Korean BBQ?

I still have photos to transfer from Travis’ computer (because they were on his camera, since his is now the better camera) and other such “to dos” before I can finish all the posts I promise are coming.  There just doesn’t seem to be any time anymore!  Travis is away on Saturday, at a Temecula beer competition, so maybe I’ll get some done then.

I’ll start with the easy one.  My family came down to San Diego to spend Thanksgiving with us (deep fried turkey!) and the night before we all went out to Buga for some tasty grilled meat.  Except, my sister is a vegetarian.  I had asked Kirk if he knew of any vegetarian dishes at Buga, knowing full well that it’s probably the last place you really want to take someone who doesn’t eat meat.  He was pretty much right on when he thought they put meat or pork in pretty much anything and that the bibimbap would be the best place to start.

So we did.  We asked if they could make dol sot bibimbap (the one in the stone pot so you get crispy rice on the bottom) without meat.  Not only did they do that, but our server said they could add an extra egg and even some tofu!  Very nice of them.  I didn’t take a camera, so I don’t have any pictures of it, but it looked pretty tasty.

There you have it.  If, for some crazy reason, you end up at a Korean BBQ with a vegetarian, ask for bibimbap with no meat.  I’ll probably never know if it’s as tasty as the meat version, though, since we can’t seem to get away from the grilled dishes.  Mmm…

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