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2013 Taste of Downtown Giveaway


I have come out of blogging hibernation for YOU! So I could offer you a giveaway! I think that’s quite nice of me…

The Annual Taste of Downtown is coming up next week (Thursday, September 26, 2013) and it’s an event we’ve participated in a couple of times. There’s a lot of walking, a lot of tasting, and I think it’s a fun way to discover new restaurants or dishes. We’re always pleasantly surprised at least once when we stop at a restaurant we would normally pass up, only to find they have one of the tastiest samples of the night.

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Del Mar Rendezvous – SDRW 2012

ImageDisclosure: Our meal was complimentary, but I was not compensated for this review. As always, all opinions are my own.

San Diego Restaurant Week is here, once again. If there was a restaurant you missed the last time, now’s your chance to visit. If there’s a favorite spot you’re looking to score a deal, now’s the time to make your reservation. If you’re a fan of honey walnut shrimp, boy do I have the place for you.

Del Mar Rendezvous invited us to preview their SDRW menu, which is happily full of dishes on their regular menu plus a couple of extras.

Because I wrote about the tasty, tasty food before, I tried to pick out some different dishes to try.

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What do Western Union, your mom, and a giveaway have in common?

Your mom. Heh. What does it say about me that the implication of “your mom” jokes make me laugh more than the actual “your mom” jokes that may (or may not) follow?

MS&L is working with Western Union to let everyone show off their moms in all their glory. Wait. Does that sound weird? In any case, Western Union started a “Return the Love” campaign, which is centered on celebrating mothers and encouraging loved ones to give them the perfect gift. As part of this campaign, Western Union set-up a Flickr page where people can share photos of their moms. Each week, Western Union will select photos from this gallery to display on their home page (so go upload one of your mom!)

“Return the Love” is a multi-faceted, integrated consumer campaign designed to encourage consumers to send the gift of cash, this Mother’s Day. “Return the Love” campaign elements include:

  • Kick-off special performance dedicated to Moms featuring Wyclef Jean and Paulina Rubio at the Billboard Latin Music Awards, on April 29, produced and broadcast live by Telemundo. 
  • Several Wyclef Jean and Paulina Rubio performances and consumer-facing events, including a special concert honoring military moms; (This past weekend Western Union hosted a concert at Camp Pendleton for military families. You’d think I would have heard about this, living in San Diego and all. Then again, I don’t really know any military families, so why would I have heard about it?)
  • Advertising via print, broadcast, radio, out-of-home, mobile and online channels showcasing the myriad of ways mom shows her love to her children, from giving them 12,368 kisses to changing 5,345 diapers and preparing 19,710 meals;
  • In the social media space, Western Union dedicates a tab on its Facebook page encouraging fans to share how they are honoring and celebrating their moms;

To promote the “Return the Love” campaign, Western Union sent me a $50 Western Union gift card.  They also sent me five additional $50 Western Union-branded gift cards to give to my favorite moms (because you’re all a mom to someone – your kids, a cat, a dog, sometimes husbands/significant others/childish co-workers) on Mother’s Day!  The gift cards can be used anywhere at any time – maybe to buy your mom a nice present!

To enter, leave a comment on this post and tell me something about your mom. Something funny, something quirky, something boring… if for some reason you didn’t have a mom, you can say whatever you want.

The giveaway will be open through the end of Friday, May 7th, 2010, 11:59 PM PST (wait, are we PST or PDT now?).  MS&L is sending the cards to me, and then I need to get them to you, so you may not get the gift card in time to buy a Mother’s Day present, but I believe moms should be appreciated all year round, not just on that one day, anyway.

I’ll start: My mom was a flight attendant for most of my life. I always thought it was normal to have your mom go away for days at a time and come back with a suitcase full of international goodies because I didn’t know any other way. Usually, we looked forward to her trips because it meant my dad would take us to Vons and we could pick out frozen meals for dinners (kid’s meals with brownies, chicken pot pies…) Don’t get me wrong, my mom was a great cook (and baker), but those weird meals with frozen dessert in the top-center part of the tray was oddly appealing at the time.  When my mom was home, she spent a lot of time with us, volunteering at school, driving for field trips, and just being our mom. I couldn’t imagine growing up any other way.

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