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Wedding Recaps – Personal Touch Dining

[photos to come…]

As I mentioned, all Mount Woodson Castle events are catered by Personal Touch Dining.  One of our original thoughts when planning our wedding was to choose a venue that would allow us to bring in any caterer we wanted (we wanted Cavaillon to cater it, since we love their food and Luc’s Bistro AND they were super affordable), but this proved to be nearly impossible.  I wasn’t willing to compromise  enough on venue location and overall “feel” just to be able to bring in my own catering.  I didn’t want to have to decorate a community center rec room and I certainly wasn’t going to get married in Marina Village where it smelled like, well, a marina when you walked outside.

Please note: I completely admit to being a snob about my venue “wants” and if we had serious budget limitations for choosing a venue, I probably would have been more open. We attended a nice party in Marina Village before our wedding and, while it did smell vaguely of fish outside, the room was well-decorated and we had a lot of fun.  But I’m glad we didn’t get married there.  If YOU got married there, I’m sure it was lovely and that you also had more patience and creativity than I do about decorating a space.  We are not decorators.  We’re two engineers living together.  My improvement on Travis’ “design” of our backyard was to throw in curves and round patio areas because he had drawn everything with straight angles.  That was about all the creative input we really have.

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