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Harry Potter and the end


By now, I’m sure half the world has finished this book and I actually put a lot of thought into how long I wanted to wait before I read it. I certainly didn’t care enough to rush out the night it was released or to pre-order it. Do I wait until my little sister has tossed it aside, so I don’t actually have to purchase one of my own? Do I just order it from so I have an excuse to order another cookbook to get the free shipping? Maybe I should just go grab it from Costco, where I know they’ll have piles set up.

I finally did just buy it from Costco, along with Blaze and a dog washer nozzle attachment (hey, my last purchase was 2 pounds of bacon and another book). I was tired of averting my eyes every time someone’s blog said **Attention, Harry Potter spoilers follow** and I really did want to know how it ended. But, I also didn’t want to read it straight through and be done in a day or two. It’s not a cheap book and I feel like it should last longer than that. But what a great marketing campaign! Put out a book that 90% of your fans will buy the second it’s available and then finished within 24 hours! Wow.

Anyway, I figured out how to hold the book on the elliptical machine (but I don’t get that great upper body workout, ha ha) and it makes the 40 minutes pass really quickly. I’ve also noticed that my heart rate doesn’t skyrocket and I don’t “travel” as far as when I’m just watching tv, but that’s okay. I think it’s been 4 workouts and I’m almost halfway through the book. It’s actually one of the better ways to motivate me to get on the machine. I want to get through the book, but I’m only going to read it if I’m exercising, so I’d better keep it up if I want to know how the whole saga ends!

I’m not really sure what other books would motivate me like this.