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Winner, winner, chicken dinner?

Is that right?  Is that how the saying goes?  Sometimes, I think my brain recalls tidbits correctly, but then I find out things like the song is not about taking pinheads bowling (although, how awesome would that be?)

Sorry this took so long.  I didn’t realize that extending a giveaway until midnight means I can’t start counting comments until the next day.  And when that next day is filled with work, dog drama, and trying to pack up for the weekend, things get a little pushed down the list.  Plus, we spent the weekend camping with homebrew folks (those people also know how to cook at a campsite!) and no internet.  We got home at a good time on Sunday, so I made myself pick the Circulon grill pan winner.

Since there were only three (!) comments – nobody else wanted a grill pan? – I figured I could make it more fun than a random number generator without it being too difficult.  I enlisted Lexi for a little cup game, with a twist.

one - two - three

Three cups were numbered and an enticing treat was placed under each cup.  If I had only placed a treat under one cup, that wouldn’t have been very fair.  Lexi made this easy, because she’ll sit patiently until I’m ready and then go for it with a simple command.

if only she could flip that cup over!

I turned the cups around so I couldn’t see the numbers, then started switching them up.  I realize this doesn’t really have an effect since there are always three treats and three cups, so all I was really doing was shuffling the cups.  Then I let Lexi go and she started nosing a cup away in an attempt to get the treat under it.  While I was setting up, she did sniff each cup (and try to eat the treat), so she was well aware that each cup had a tasty something under it.

#2 - winner!

I gave her the treat and turned the cup around to see that she chose #2, which is Mary!  Congratulations, Mary!  And many thanks for CSN Stores for letting me hold the giveaway!

A Vote for Cassie is a vote for… happy dogs?

Vote Now!

At some point, I must have signed up for something on the Greenies website. The dogs used to chew Greenies and really love them, but they also go through them like they’re eating butter and it got kind of expensive to keep up with their habit. A few days ago, I actually opened an e-mail they sent to me and it was about some contest they’re holding. Obviously, you need to know a million people to even have a chance at winning, but Cassie’s such a cute dog I had to enter a photo. So, I did.

Even though we have no chance of winning (a year’s supply of Greenies!), please consider voting for my pup. She deserves it!


I am supposed to finish laundry, pick up the yard, and mow the lawn at the moment, so of course I’m playing on the computer.  Travis just finished weed duty, then he’s going to clean his kegs and start the transfer process.

We’ve consistently (for 3 days, ha!) gotten one egg from the chickens (I think it’s Buffy) each day.  Each day they get a teensy bit larger and the color is a little darker.  One thing I noticed is that the yolk is the same size, there just seems to be more of the egg white.  We cooked them up for breakfast this morning and they were definitely a darker color than our store-bought eggs, which is exciting to me.  I’m wondering how long it will take before we actually have an egg backlog.  Right now, we go through them faster than the chicken lays!

Poor sweet Cassie is full of matted fur.  I think part of the problem started when we shaved her a couple of years ago (I read you’re not supposed to shave double-coated dogs) and the other problem is that we just don’t brush them often enough.  Lexi is easy because her fur doesn’t really mat up.  Sadie doesn’t either, she just needs constant brushing to get rid of the extra fur.  But, she’s also kind of easy because you can swipe at her a few times here and there and eventually she gets groomed.  But Cassie takes more effort and time (for being the same breed, she and Lexi have wildly different fur) and she’s just kind of been fur-neglected.  So, we’re going to see if we can find a good groomer to do something and then try to take better care of her from here on out.

I made Jamie Oliver’s Chicken Braised in Milk the other night, except I followed this recipe instead, which added lemon juice (not just the zest) to the pot.  I liked it, because you can taste the lemon juice ever so slightly in the finished sauce.  I kept the cover on for the first hour, then took the cover off, which gave us some nice crispy skin on the breast.  The chicken was moist and tender and the sauce was good over rice, on the chicken, and absorbed into some homemade bread.  We also used an organic chicken (from Costco… small steps), which made me feel better, but I don’t know that it tasted all that different from a regular chicken.

Now I’ve got a pot roast in the oven – just a chuck roast with French Onion Soup and some beef broth – waiting to become dinner.  That and the leftover chicken should get us through the week before we jet off to Denver.

All right.  Enough procrastination.  I’m going to go get my chores done so we can go get lunch.

Oh yeah, Happy Super Bowl Day!  This may be the first year we don’t have plans to attend a party, which may be kind of nice.

things I have noticed

  • People seem to think headlights are only needed when you can’t see what’s in front of you. I believe if you can’t see the cars behind you (due to light rain, fog, or low level lighting at, say, dusk), then you should turn your lights on so others can see you.
  • Donuts are not a proper breakfast. Bringing in boxes of donuts for work breakfast is just mean. At least give us something with some sort of redeeming value.  Like a bagel. Or fruit.
  • Weight changes seem to have a 1-day lag from behavior. While this makes logical sense, it’s kind of frustrating.
  • Dogs don’t care that you have to go to work in the morning. If they’re up at 2am and something is bothering them, they will let you know.
  • Dogs seem to think not being able to lick your hand at 2am is a notable problem.
  • Planning meals in advance, and with enough foresight to leave leftovers for lunch, only works for a week.  Then schedules get in the way, I get bored, and I just want to go out for sushi.
  • Sushi does not make good leftovers.
  • Rearranging the freezer does not mean you will end up with more room. It just means you have a better understanding of what’s taking up all that room in the first place. It also means you end up eating a lot of ice cream “because it’s about to go bad”.
  • I’m not sure what “six more weeks of winter” means when you live in San Diego.  If groundhogs lived in San Diego, would they even care about their shadow?

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!