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I’ve been scolded for the lack of kitten-ness

this is Bonnie

this is Willie

kittens with a toy

kittens on the lookout!

did you drop something?

where's our fooood??

still June

Okay – I have this cute little post all drafted up about bringing the kittens home and how we got there and what it’s like… but I wanted to post kitten pictures with it and I just don’t have any yet.  My camera battery died and the charger is all the way at the other end of the house but every time I head in that direction I get distracted by the kitten room.  Travis took some, but I don’t know where he put them.

I’ll get it all done eventually, though.  Suffice to say, the kittens are doing well.  They got good mileage out of their free wellness visit at our vet and are being dosed with medicine for their sneezing and internal parasites.  They eat like champions and have already learned that the sound of a clinking plate+microwave might mean dinner.  I let them run around the house with Lexi and Cassie, but we’re still working on Sadie.   Sadie just wants to put the kittens in her mouth, which I don’t think they’ll appreciate.  It’s very possible they may never interact until the kittens get bigger.

We still have chickens, although we do not have eggs.  Little chick seems to be taking her sweet time being independent, which I think is delaying Buffy’s egg-laying.  In the meantime, I have to go buy eggs, which costs something like $1.29 every time!  Yes, I am buying regular store eggs.  I can’t bring myself to pay $3.00 for “fancy” fresh eggs when there are perfectly good chickens in my own yard.  Maybe it’s not logical, but that’s how it is.

I feel like I’ve been in a cooking rut because all I want to do is grill up steak, but I don’t because all that red meat just isn’t good for you.  So, we do pork loin, shrimp, scallops, and tofu and, while it’s tasty, it’s not the same.  Oh, yeah… the other reason I haven’t been bringing steak home is because I’ve been counting calories and that just throws the totals out the window.  I hate it, but I’m really close to being rid of “those last 5 pounds” and I’m determined to get there. Even if it kills me.

That’s about it.  It’s officially summer, our replacement gazebo parts arrived, and I’m going to do my best to enjoy the summer before it flies by (as it always does).

But, I promise I will move kitten pictures to the top of my to-do list.

Hello, June

If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s me writing a string a posts and then disappearing for days on end. Dependably sporadic, I suppose.

For the first time in a really long time, we took a 3-day weekend and made it feel like a nice long weekend. Too often, regular weekends seem to fly by and we get to Sunday night wondering what we did that took so much time and feeling sad that we had to go to work the next morning (seriously, retirement can’t come soon enough, in my opinion). For Memorial Day weekend, we took a motorcycle trip to Idyllwild and just stayed for one night. A nice ride up (yes, I was on my own bike), plenty of time to walk around in the gorgeous weather, a nap, and then dinner at Café Aroma. We stayed just a few yards away from Café Aroma, so we went there for breakfast, too. A leisurely ride back home and we still had an extra day for play time! As is par for the course, we ended up with too much food on the grill on Memorial Day (mostly thanks to Cami’s shopping) but it just meant we spent a lazy day eating and drinking with friends.

We did make it to Fish! Facts, the Cooks Confab event on sustainable seafood at Fibonacci’s. I have to admit, we went mainly for the food and then skipped out before the documentary was shown. But it was a birthday celebration, so we couldn’t just sit in a dark room all night! The Fish! tastings were really good, although I was surprised at how many people were there and disappointed that quite a few stations ran out of food before the end of the appetizer hour. I was also a little bummed to find out that they were all set up by 6 pm (the website said it started at 6:30 pm), which meant we kind of “lost” half an hour. I bet we could have made it through all the stations had we been there earlier. I can’t say I learned an awful lot about sustainable fish – with the long lines at each station, I was kind of focused on just getting up to the table and then moving out of the way instead of trying to talk to the people there – but it was nice to realize that every bite I did taste was very good. Tasty fish AND sustainable! It’s also a little disappointing to realize that there will always be people who ignore lines and just step to the front whenever they feel like it. In any case, we all had fun, both there and at our continued partying over at Porter’s Pub, where Cami was delivered a fancy drink and impromptu tres leches cake for her birthday.

I haven’t been in much of a cooking mood lately. When I get home, the house is hot and stuffy and it takes too long to get it cooled off. So, unless I already have dinner planned out, I just wait for Travis to come home and then convince him to go out for dinner. It usually works. We’ve eaten a lot of Thai food lately. When I do cook, it certainly hasn’t been anything noteworthy (leftover chipotle pork burritos, fried rice, salad) so I kind of just eat and move on. No one really wants a post on leftover burritos, right?

There have also been two new additions to our (already-pretty-full) household. I’d like to say we got kittens because Travis realized he just really missed some kitty-loving, but I’m also not too ashamed to admit that I may have stretched some emotional manipulation tactics in order to get kittens now. We’ve had a string of poor pet karma lately and I’ve bounced back and forth between wanting a cat, not wanting a cat, and thinking that if we were meant to have a cat one would sort of land in our laps. I finally decided I do, in fact, want a cat and I got proactive about finding one. It took a while and involved a lot of obsessive webpage refreshing, but we finally found two (all the shelters have signs on how one kitten gets too lonely and it’s not a good idea, although I’m now suspicious it’s just a ploy to make you take home two) and brought them home, and not just because they were cute!  They are awesomely kitten-y, with the squeaky mewing and purring and I feel like the empty space Clair left is getting filled back in a little.  Now I just need to make sure Sadie doesn’t eat them.

guess it just wasn’t meant to be

The kitten died. Randomly, suddenly, unexpectedly. He was fine at breakfast and sometime before lunch on Sunday he was gone (he was still at my parents’ place). All the other kittens are fine; it was just that kitten.

I had finally prodded Travis to the point where he was willing to consider bringing a kitten home if I could show him a plan to keep the kitten from ending up in Sadie’s mouth. I scoured the internet (no small feat – did you know there are still people who believe rubbing your animal’s nose in a mess is considered good training?) and looked for advice and tried to piece it all together into something that would work for us. Earlier that morning, I had just submitted my Husky/Kitten Integration Plan to Travis and he agreed that it might just work. I was confident that our sweet-but-dumb, high-prey-drive Sadie would not eat the new kitten. It was all going to work; we’d have a fluffy kitten in the house who would turn into a beautiful, friendly cat.

We had plans to take a motorcycle ride that day. We were checking tire pressures, warming up the engines, and cleaning the visors when my mom called. One little phone call to throw off the rest of the day. I thought I was okay, but as soon as I told Travis, I started bawling. Like, all-out tears-rolling-down crying and sobbing. Turns out, getting on a motorcycle is not the safest thing to do when you are so sad you can’t think straight.

I cried for the little kitten who didn’t get a chance to be a cat. I cried at the disappointment of not getting to bring a kitten home. I cried at the frustration of working so hard to put together a plan and then having the actual cat part of the plan go kaput. I cried for the cat who never got to be mine. I’m pretty sure I also said, “This is not fair.”

All this for a kitten I’d seen twice. It may seem silly and unwarranted, but I was just heartbroken. I just really wanted that kitten. We never even got to name him.

I still want a cat. I figure we have 20 years before we end up traveling the country in a motor home, which seems like plenty of time to have one cat. But I’m not going to look for one. When the time is right, when the cat is right, we’ll find it.

I’m wearing him down

fluffy and cute

ready to pounce