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Taste of Downtown Winner

Congratulations to Faye, as the winner of my (apparently great odds of winning) giveaway, 2 tickets to the 2013 Taste of Downtown event are on their way!

I like the hashtag suggestions for the event – I think I’ll be tweeting under #TDSD (taste of downtown SD) for where we’re stopping and what’s worth tasting (or skipping). I’d love to know if you’ll be there! And, if you come across something tasty, especially dessert, let me know!

Taking a Siesta


Don’t get me wrong – I’m still out there eating and exploring and enjoying all that San Diego has to offer. I’ve been cooking and pinning and creating delicious meals out of only the pantry and freezer. We went to Disneyland and Cars Land and ate food served in cute little cones and walked until we pretty much broke our feet. There’s a lot going on. It’s just not making it online.

Life is just too busy and too fun to sit down at the computer and edit photos, type up pages of words, and fiddle with links. I guess you could say I’ve gotten a bit bored. I’m not about page hits or tags or site views – I just wanted a place to lay out my thoughts and grumbles. Along the way, I got to meet a lot of awesome people and have a lot of fun. I’m still having fun (sometimes with those awesome people!), I’m just not writing about it here. I do hope to drop in now and then when there’s something I absolutely have to say. Eventually, I hope to come back to more regular posting. In the meantime, just know I’m being well-fed.

ps – Toby became my best buddy and shadow, but we finally did take him back home. If only he wasn’t such a barker! I miss his cuddles, but I don’t miss all the blanket-hogging he did.

Happy Holidays!

Hey – did you think I fell off the face of the earth? I kind of feel like I did. It’s been too tiring to decide whether something is “blog-worthy” or not or if I care enough about something to spend time editing photos and then writing about it. Sorry about that. I’m a terrible blogger, what can I say?

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Happy Birthday, husband of mine!

Happy birthday, babe!

Thanks for taking me to great places, like the smallest park in the world (see above photo), as well as spending lots of well-deserved weekend couch time on our butts.  Sometimes watching movies that turn out to be total chick flicks.

Thanks for making sure we eat lunch on lazy weekends, even when lunch turns out to be mac ‘n cheese from a blue box or reheated leftover crab cakes.  It’s still better than what I would have ended up hunting down when I finally decided I was starving and a bag of bbq potato chips sounds like a balanced meal.

You did not do a great job of slowing time down, since we are apparently just a few months away from our first anniversary as a married couple.  I guess time does fly when you’re having fun, and we certainly seem to have a lot of fun in our lives.

You’ve been amazingly patient and willing as I spontaneously took on Project Doggy Boot Camp, dog-knapping Maya and logging at least 4 walks a week as we explore the streets of Poway.

You’re an amazing man and I’m happy to mark all these milestones in our lives along the way.  Without you, I’d just be a crazy gal with too many dogs, cats, and chickens.  I’d probably be hungry and cold, too, since I have the worst judgement determining whether or not to take a jacket with me.  I love you bunches and I hope the weather gives you a clear, sunny day for your birthday. Something perfect for a motorcycle ride, perhaps.

This is how I feel

Lately, I feel like I just want to take cat naps all day long.  It doesn’t help that it’s so dark after work and chilly and I’m faced with lazy dogs and soft, snuggly cats.

This week is going to be a week of sponsored posts.  They’ve been lining up in the drafts folder and I need to get them posted.  I apologize for not mixing it up for your reading pleasure, but it is what it is.   The good news is I’ve found some tasty things worth sharing.

We’ve also been trying to save some money by eating at home more often.  It’s so easy to go out for dinner (especially on the weekends) and it’s even easier to to see how all those little meals add up to hundreds of dollars at the end of the month.  How crazy is that?  So, I’ve been taking stock of the freezer inventory and planning our meals out for the week (at least the main protein component) and that’s been helping.

What have you all been up to?  Go anywhere tasty for Beer Week?  We stopped by Tiger! Tiger! when they had Beachwood BBQ on tap and enjoyed some tasty snacks.  We splurged this year for the Beer Garden/Chef Celebration tickets and will go see if the price is justified.

And, of course, we’ve been spending lazy rainy days on the couch watching movies and taking cat naps.

Happy (Belated) Birthday, Dad!

Yesterday was my dad’s birthday. I wanted to have this up earlier, and I have nothing but excuses as to why it didn’t get done.

This weekend is the Miramar Air Show here in San Diego. I bring this up because my dad loves planes.  As long as I can remember, there have been planes all around me – in his office, in our garage, in the house.  Planes with motors, gliders with adjustable tails, simple planes with a rubber band to wind up the propeller. I remember winding up one of those rubber band planes a little too much and letting it go in a park. Who knew how far those suckers can go?? I don’t even remember if we found it.

My dad is a silent man, but he shows his love in his own way.  I remember Valentine’s Day meant chocolate flowers left on the table after he went to work.  My sister and I were spoiled with nice new cars as new drivers.  My mom has an iPad so she can carry around pictures of her many dogs whereever she goes.  I knew Travis was a keeper when my dad gave him a tiny remote control helicopter.  That thing is still in his office and sometimes I hear it whirring around (and sometimes running into the wall) when Travis is supposed to be getting things done.  My car is stocked with flashlights, wrench sets, and screwdrivers my dad has given me.  And nothing speaks of love like sitting quietly as dog after cat after dog gets added to the menagerie.  I don’t know how he does it.

My dad has never let me down.  He’s always been there to support me and I owe him the world.  I hope he’s around for many, many more birthdays.

Happy birthday, Daddy. I love you!

end of the month

Yes, yes, I am here.  I am tired, exhausted, overworked, decently paid… but still here.  I’m not sure where my evenings go, I just know that by the time I sit on the couch and flip the laptop open, my eyes are sleep and I have no motivation to write words.

Also, for whoever was searching for “darleneeats scoth egg”, I believe you’re looking for this.

Perhaps I am tired because it’s the end of the month and I’ve used up my allotted energy?  Maybe I will wake up tomorrow all energized, seeing as it will be the first of the month.  I’m not holding my breath.

I have a canvas print to tell you about, some mediocre frozen vegetables crossed my path, and some sort of cheese challenge to go through with.  I still have to show you the old chicken coop, so I can show you the new chicken pen, so I can show you the new chickies I suckered coyly charmed Travis into letting me bring home.  He says I’m my mother’s daughter for sure.

But, like I said – I’m pooped.  So, I leave you with a picture of us and Petros II (at least, I think it’s Petros II – how many giant pelicans are there on Mykonos?)  In case you’re wondering, he likes taking pictures, but is not so fond of having his butt poked by tourists.  Also, his feathers are very poofy – at least a fingers length deep.