Rita’s Italian ice in SD

Don’t ask how I first learned there was a Rita’s on the west coast, in San Diego, no less. I end up finding a lot of random info on the Internet, usually just clicking one link to another. Most of the time, it’s just a random tidbit that sticks in my brain for weeks until it pops back up. So, when T and I were planning a Saturday fun-day (Sunday fun-day sounds better, but this one happened to be on Saturday) that would bring us up to Carlsbad, Rita’s popped back into my head and then I did some Googling to make sure I wasn’t crazy.

There is a Rita’s in Carlsbad and, oddly enough, it has its own separate website. But everything looks like the Rita’s I know from back east, including the brightly colored italian ice.

Travis introduced me to Rita’s the first time we went back to Pennsylvania to visit his family. No, wait, it was the second visit. The first visit was in the middle of December and it was snowing and cold. Rita’s isn’t even open in the winter (as a southern CA girl, the concept of something shutting down for a season is baffling). I think our second visit was in the spring, when it was still cold but I guess not so cold you wouldn’t want Italian ice and custard. Travis’ dad likes the ice and custard blended, so my first taste was a blended blueberry ice with vanilla custard. It’s like a creamsicle, but with so many different flavor options!

These days, I prefer the ice and custard in layers, so I can decide if I want a spoonful of ice, custard, or both. I like taking control of my destiny like that.

Root beer ice with vanilla custard is like an amazing root beer float. I tasted the seasonal flavor of pumpkin pie Italian ice, but it was lacking a creamy quality. In hindsight, I think it would have been delicious blended up. I may try it next time. For this visit, I went with a bright orange mango and vanilla custard. I managed to finish mine before Travis was even halfway through with his.

So, go to Rita’s! The address says Carlsbad, but it’s really more like Encinitas East, so it’s not even that far away.

3263 Camino De Los Coches #103, Carlsbad
(760) 753-5700


5 responses to “Rita’s Italian ice in SD

  1. Cool post! Welcome back to blogging! 🙂

    We are hardly up in the area, but when we do our road trips up to the OC or LA, this would be a great place to stop by! Custard with flavored ice sounds so refreshing especially with this hot weather!

    • Thanks, CC! I’ve kind of missed blogging!

      Custard and flavored ice is a refreshing combination! And the smallest size is always more than enough for me. You can also get just italian ice, but I feel that defeats the purpose. So, when you taste the flavors, you kind of have to envision it being paired with something creamy.

  2. Guess what! A Rita’s will be opening up in my neighborhood in early March! Can’t wait to try your blueberry ice with custard creation. 🙂

  3. Rita’s is now open in Poway! And Scripps Ranch. Hoping to stop by this weekend to check it out.

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