Happy Birthday, husband of mine!

Happy birthday, babe!

Thanks for taking me to great places, like the smallest park in the world (see above photo), as well as spending lots of well-deserved weekend couch time on our butts.  Sometimes watching movies that turn out to be total chick flicks.

Thanks for making sure we eat lunch on lazy weekends, even when lunch turns out to be mac ‘n cheese from a blue box or reheated leftover crab cakes.  It’s still better than what I would have ended up hunting down when I finally decided I was starving and a bag of bbq potato chips sounds like a balanced meal.

You did not do a great job of slowing time down, since we are apparently just a few months away from our first anniversary as a married couple.  I guess time does fly when you’re having fun, and we certainly seem to have a lot of fun in our lives.

You’ve been amazingly patient and willing as I spontaneously took on Project Doggy Boot Camp, dog-knapping Maya and logging at least 4 walks a week as we explore the streets of Poway.

You’re an amazing man and I’m happy to mark all these milestones in our lives along the way.  Without you, I’d just be a crazy gal with too many dogs, cats, and chickens.  I’d probably be hungry and cold, too, since I have the worst judgement determining whether or not to take a jacket with me.  I love you bunches and I hope the weather gives you a clear, sunny day for your birthday. Something perfect for a motorcycle ride, perhaps.


One response to “Happy Birthday, husband of mine!

  1. Aw what a sweet post… Happy Birthday, Travis!

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