Winner, winner!

Congrats to Faye, winner of the San Diego Restaurant Week dinners to Del Mar Rendezvous!  I hope you enjoy your walnut shrimp!  Mmm… walnut shrimp…

I thought it was interesting that Mary and Kirbie tried the walnut shrimp and soup dumplings and kung pao pork, too.  But, I think they are dishes you kind of have to try.  Obviously, if someone in San Diego has xiao long bao on the menu, you have to find out if they’re good or forgettable.  Same with walnut shrimp.  I’ve had some pretty terrible walnut shrimp dishes, so I’d consider it a small measure of overall quality if I’m served a really good version.  I do admit that the walnut shrimp stuck in my head after reading that Mary’s was crispy and good.

In related news, Del Mar Rendezvous has provided a link if you’d like to sign up for their e-mail list.  You’ll get a 20% off coupon for your first visit.  It’s probably not valid during Restaurant Week, but you’re also getting a pretty good deal there, since their 3-course meal is only $30.

And now, we’re off to Portland for a mini trip.  I have no idea what we’re going to see or do, or where we’ll end up eating (I have a list, but you know how those things go), but I’m sure we’ll have a blast.  Also, our house is being looked after by friends, in case you were thinking of coming by and robbing us blind.  Also, also, we just gave a bunch of stuff to Salvation Army since I’ve been on a clean and purge kick, so we’re running out of things to steal, anyway.  If you’re going to steal a dog, please take the skinny white one.


2 responses to “Winner, winner!

  1. When you got back from Portland, if you haven’t already, check out Portlandia on Netflix. So funny but so true! Have a great trip!

  2. Have fun! I’ve had some pretty bad experiences with walnut shrimp too, so I was really happy with the version here.

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