Peter Asher Coffee

Disclosure: I was provided two 12-oz packages of coffee by Peter Asher for free but was not compensated for this review. As always, all opinions are my own.

A while ago, I was contacted by John Herriott of Peter Asher Coffee and Tea.  Peter Asher is located in Champaign, IL but they are looking to expand their reach west.  They are a family owned business that maintains direct relationships with their coffee bean growers.

John sent me samples of two of their coffees: Black Velvet and Brazil Bob-O-Link.  I requested the coffees be sent ground, since Travis likes the convenience of pre-ground coffee instead of grinding beans every morning.

We tried the Black Velvet coffee first and it’s a nice, dark, blend of coffee.  I like my coffee dark and strong (heh… like my men) and bold: Black Velvet certainly met that goal.  I only got to try the coffee black once, since Travis usually makes the coffee in the morning and by the time it gets to me, (almond) milk and sugar has been added.  Sometimes he puts in creamer if he’s being sneaky.  Anyway, I didn’t find the coffee to be bitter or sour, just smooth, rich, and full of coffee flavor (you know… as opposed to being watery or thin or not kicky enough).

The Bob-O-Link coffee has a great flavor to it, too, but I think I just prefer the darker roasts.

At $10.50 for a package, I think their coffees are well-priced considering the relationships and standards they’re trying to maintain.

If you’re not a coffee drinker, they also have a lovely selection of teas.  What I love about the teas on the website is that the photo shows the various fruits and flavors you can expect to experience with that tea/blend.

I have a hard time justifying the purchase of coffee outside the bulk choices found at Costco to Travis, as I think he’s a lover of the caffeine more than the nuances of coffee flavors.  But, since Peter Asher’s coffees aren’t exorbitantly priced and are being shipped anyway, I think they would make a nice gift to send to someone you love.


One response to “Peter Asher Coffee

  1. I like their website a lot! While I can’t drink coffee anymore, it looks like they have a nice selection of teas that I might try out (or maybe get for some Christmas presents).

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