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Recently, I was contacted by Easy Canvas Prints with the request for a link ad, in exchange for an 8×10 canvas print. Because we had just gotten our professional wedding photos back, I thought it would be a good way to see how we (and by “we” I mean Travis) liked a photo on canvas print before we spent money on a really large one.

If you managed to get through my lengthy Kodak Gallery Photobook post, you may have noted that my process is fairly simple, yet the time it takes to make decisions almost doubles once I get my sweet husband involved. I think I’m supposed to be happy he has an opinion and wants to share it, but sometimes it would be easier if he just let me do what I want. [note: He actually does let me get away with an awful lot of things, so maybe I should just be grateful for that and let him have his opinions about things like, say, our wedding photos.]

An 8×10 print sounds like a good size, until your husband cuts one out of cardboard and tapes it to the wall and you see exactly what size you’re dealing with. But then the issue becomes something akin to shopping for a new tv: how big is big enough? And where do you hang it? What’s the balance between size and cost?

Sadly, I have none of these answers for you. Travis wasn’t sure he’d even like a canvas print to begin with, so he really wasn’t sure how much money he wanted to spend to upgrade this print from the 8×10 size. So, we decided to just get the free 8×10 to see how we felt and then decide whether or not to order a larger one later. The problem with this course of action is that the photos we would have chosen for a large print weren’t our first choice for an 8×10 – we have some beautiful scenery shots that would look amazing blown up to a large scale (verified by my husband as he zoomed way in on each of the digital files) but we look teeny-tiny on an 8×10.

That one’s actually my desktop background at work because it makes me smile. But we’d be pretty small on an 8×10.

We finally settled on a photo of us as we were walking back up to the castle before the wedding. It’s not “gorgeous” or “breathtaking”, but we’re both smiling and laughing and just enjoying being with each other.

The ordering process was easy-peasy: you choose your size and layout, then upload your file. You can zoom in and pan the photo around a little and then choose a wrap option for the border. For an extra charge, you can also opt for sepia or black-and-white tones or advanced editing on the photo file.

The photo we chose (the last one above) didn’t actually work with the wrapped border – too much of my side would have been cut off. This actually delayed our order a bit, mainly because it took me a couple of days to get back to Easy Canvas Prints on how to proceed. I ended up asking if they could do a mirrored border instead of having to choose a new photo (think of the time I saved there!!) and they could, so they did. Once that was cleared up, the canvas was waiting for me on the front porch just a couple of days later.

I really like the canvas. The printing quality is good and it doesn’t look like any of the colors are wonky. I still don’t know where we’re going to hang it. Right now, it’s sitting on my cookbook bookcase, which isn’t so bad since I pass by it all the time.

Many thanks to Easy Canvas Print for our canvas! You’ll see their link in my sidebar – they were great to work with!


7 responses to “Easy Canvas Prints

  1. I know you’ve heard this more than once but your photos are so beautiful. I ordered a canvas print from one of our wedding shots and was pretty disappointed with the quality. It looked pixelated and not very tight. I’ll look into Easy Canvas for our next project.

    • Aww.. thanks! I was really happy with how our wedding photos turned out. The canvas print is a really nice quality. I can only assume it would translate to a larger print, too. They seem to have sales pretty often (seems like they all do) so I’d sign up for their mailing list and then keep an eye out.

  2. These are beautiful pictures – and the indoor photo is amazing!

  3. Your wedding photos are gorgeous! I really liked your choice…it’s not “posed” or artificial…You guys look like you’re enjoying yourselves. 🙂

    • That picture was totally Travis’ choice, but I do like that it’s one of the photos that was snapped without us really knowing. I love our posed pics, but the ones that capture how we felt that day are some of my faves.

  4. The images are really very nice.
    Canvas printing

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