end of the month

Yes, yes, I am here.  I am tired, exhausted, overworked, decently paid… but still here.  I’m not sure where my evenings go, I just know that by the time I sit on the couch and flip the laptop open, my eyes are sleep and I have no motivation to write words.

Also, for whoever was searching for “darleneeats scoth egg”, I believe you’re looking for this.

Perhaps I am tired because it’s the end of the month and I’ve used up my allotted energy?  Maybe I will wake up tomorrow all energized, seeing as it will be the first of the month.  I’m not holding my breath.

I have a canvas print to tell you about, some mediocre frozen vegetables crossed my path, and some sort of cheese challenge to go through with.  I still have to show you the old chicken coop, so I can show you the new chicken pen, so I can show you the new chickies I suckered coyly charmed Travis into letting me bring home.  He says I’m my mother’s daughter for sure.

But, like I said – I’m pooped.  So, I leave you with a picture of us and Petros II (at least, I think it’s Petros II – how many giant pelicans are there on Mykonos?)  In case you’re wondering, he likes taking pictures, but is not so fond of having his butt poked by tourists.  Also, his feathers are very poofy – at least a fingers length deep.


4 responses to “end of the month

  1. LOL! What’s a “scoth?” It is the same as a “goth?”

    The month does get away and I plan to stay on schedule with posting at least four times a month. Good thing September is here so we can start over.

  2. I remember that out of energy feeling well. The nice thing about retirement is I don’t have to feel it any more 🙂 Weighing that and wrinkles hahaha! Cool pelican. Very! I’ve always wanted to go there and it’s on my list — I just have to convince the hubster.

    • Greece was amazing! Every single island was gorgeous, the sea was the most beautiful shade of blue, and the food was out of this world. It really is as beautiful as all the photos. You should go!!

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