Clearing off the memory card, Part 2

Just a few more random photos, not even food related!

Right before our wedding, I noticed there were beautiful blue eggs in this bird house we hung from our patio.  When we got back from our honeymoon, I found these cute little chicks sticking their heads out and peeping.  After a few days, they were all gone!  They didn’t look all that feathered to me, but I also didn’t find any of them in the yard, so I’m hoping they all flew the nest okay!

They look all cute and cuddly… and then someone starts to get smushed:

That’s my Cassie-bear!  She’s just a cutie (and also my favorite, totally not a secret).

Another before-the-wedding project: new carpet in the “dog room”.  Most of those seams you see have disappeared and the room doesn’t look as big with the furniture back in (which we had to move, despite being told the carpet guys would move everything).  But, it has a nice layer of padding, it’s soft on the feet, and it really made a difference in the overall look of the room.  Travis picked the color thinking it would hide dirt AND dog fur, but you can totally see even the slightest bit of dog fur.  I love the carpet; I’m a hesitant “meh” on the installers.

See! Goats don’t need a lot of room! They fit in a box!

At the Fair, there was an exhibit/display of 3D fossils – it was so cool!  How did they get the crab to look so good?

Also seen at the Fair.  I really, really, really want a raised garden like this!  It has a trellis for things to grow up, a screen all around so no one can get in, and a gate!!  I think if I learn how to build one myself, and then tremendously make it unstable, Travis might pity me and help make a better one.


2 responses to “Clearing off the memory card, Part 2

  1. Aw, the baby birds! And you’re dog! Love when people do pet posts.

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