Urban Solace Blunch

This is Travis telling me that, while he’s happy to indulge my request to go to Urban Solace, he’d also enjoy being home in his pjs drinking coffee on the couch.  Don’t worry, the lipstick on the coffee cup is mine.

Brunch at Urban Solace was something on my list for us to do post-wedding, i.e., when I was no longer dieting to fit into an expensive dress with no give.  However, I know brunch is a very popular time in San Diego, so we went for blunch instead.  Much quieter, and almost everything I wanted to try was still on the blunch menu.  Most importantly, we went early so as not to risk them running out of cinnamon rolls.

Best. Cinnamon Roll. Ever.  Sorry, RGang, but this sucker puts yours to shame.  You have the option of adding butter pecan sauce for $1.00, but you really don’t need to.  I confess to scraping some of the cream cheese frosting onto the plate because it was a little too much.  That, and the cinnamon roll itself was heavenly and I didn’t want to distract from it.  Slightly crisp on the outside, the interior dough is pillowy and soft and melts in your mouth.  We split this one and I seriously regretted it later.  Even after I was full from my entree, I was wishing I had eaten an entire cinnamon roll by myself.  After this visit, I started thinking of reasons to come to North Park on weekends just to score another cinnamon roll.

And then we had real food, something that wasn’t 100% carbs and crack.  I got the pork belly benedict, which looks like a small portion but IS NOT.  It was delicious, but I would have liked a bit more contrast in textures.  The pork belly was so soft and tender (as it should be), it kind of just melded into the egg and biscuit.  I think the steak benedict would be really good.  Or maybe we’ll have to brave brunch crowds to try the beef cheek hash (how good does that sound?)

Travis got the kitchen sink biscuits, which is essentially biscuits, sausage, and gravy, topped with some really awesome thick-cut sugary bacon.  The plate was huge and he ended up taking half of it home (where it heated up quite nicely, surprisingly).  It was all good, especially the gravy, but the star was the bacon.

I love desserts at Urban Solace, but our stomachs could hold no more.  But we are definitely going back. And soon.

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5 responses to “Urban Solace Blunch

  1. It’s been on my list to go to blunch/brunch/breakfast at Urban Solace for about a year. The dinners are great but the cinnamon roll keeps calling out to me. I must go soon.

    • It had been on my list for at least a year, too! I think it was one of the first places we went post-wedding – much easier to eat a cinnamon roll when you don’t have to worry about the wedding dress fitting! You NEED a cinnamon roll. It is fabulous.

  2. Someone that Jake and I met once and got to talking to also proclaimed great love for the cinnamon rolls here. We’re so lazy weekend mornings though we don’t get out for breakfast much. I wonder if I can just get a cinnamon roll to go.

    • We don’t go out for breakfasts much, either, since we like to be lazy at home with our coffee. But the Urban Solace cinnamon roll is worth getting dressed and out of the house!

  3. Ok so we must go for brunch. 😀 I want a cinnamon roll NOW. Marie and I had plans looong ago and since I love Urban so much I think a visit is in order. Now to just find the time… Brunch is only Sundays right?

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