San Diego County Fair (Deep Fried Everything!)

We usually get to the Fair at least once every year.  It’s like a tradition – we slather on sunscreen, walk through the Agrifair building, pet some goats (even though you’re not supposed to), look at the wacky collections people have submitted, gaze at the pretty gemstones, and try to pick out the must-have vendor item of the year.  Oh, and we eat.  Travis always has to get deep fried cheese curds; I always have to get an ear of grilled corn (as crazily priced as it is).  We always wait to go through the vendor buildings last so we have stomach room for the mini donuts, purchased with a small carton on milk.  And there’s always something newly deep-fried that we need to try.  Thanks to Mary, I know about the food maps that show you where all the crazy fair food is!

This year, we’ll be going to the Fair 3 times!  We went to see Willie Nelson at the Country Throwdown and our ticket included Fair admission.  Due to some crazy work schedules, we got there a couple of hours after the Throwdown started but also a few hours before Willie was scheduled to take the stage (which I only found out by doing some serious internet digging since no schedule was posted anywhere).  So, we started with some cheesy zucchini curls.

I just realized I didn’t take any pictures of any of the fried food we ate.  I guess you’ll just have to use your imagination.  I think I was having fun with Instagram.

It was a plate full of fried goodness, cheese, and bacon.  Oh, and a side of ranch dressing for dipping.  From there we went for deep fried cheese curds and then a tri-tip sandwich (had to get some protein in there).  And then a funnel cake (shared).  By then, I was totally full.  And in disbelief that our dinner consisted of almost all fried foods.  But, oh… it was so good!

We made our way to the Grandstand and found some general admission seats to watch Willie.  Some seats downwind from some serious pot smokers (one girl had a bowl in her purse she was lighting!) and some seriously drunk idiots who get doing that shrill whistling thing.  And shouting at the pot smokers to “puff, puff, give”.  Once Willie came on stage, some people started shifting around, standing, dancing, and moving.  When some seats opened up, we totally moved away from the drunk whistlers (who literally were throwing their beer everywhere) and the rest of the show was much better.  The only thing that made me sad was that there was no encore… I guess with the Fair schedule, you get to play for your allotted time and then that’s it?

Stay tuned for Part II of our mostly-deep-fried goodness…


5 responses to “San Diego County Fair (Deep Fried Everything!)

  1. Do you remember where the cheesy zucchini curls are? Having a veggie justifies everything!

    • The zucchini curls are at Chicken Charlie’s, which I think is the first food “off-ramp” to the right, as you come into the Fair. There are regular zucchini curls, but get the cheesy zucchini if you want the cheese, jalapenos, and bacon! Ranch dressing is self-serve to the side of the stand.

  2. I printed out the list of $2 tastes and referred to that throughout the day. It was so nice having a list! Didn’t print the map, but I did study it beforehand.

    • As long as I know the general area to look for a food or vendor, I’m okay. But sometimes they’re around the corner from the main traffic and I miss them. I did make a list of foods to try and find while we were there!

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